Is the next .io game to look out for?

What is It may be the next big .io game.

What is It may be the next big .io game.

Everyone knows what an .io game is these days.‘s smash success in 2015 brought the genre to life. Not long after that, slews of browser-based and mobile games with a similar focus on simple but addictive player versus player gameplay came out of the woodwork.

The most prominent .io game today is thanks to its eye-catching visuals and simple one-button gameplay, but that does not mean it’s going to stay on top forever. With so many similar games still coming out, there’s bound to be something that overtakes just as it did with earlier this year.


In a time where endless and clones are rampant, especially on Android and iOS, stands out as a mostly original game. Though the keyword here is “mostly” as is quite similar to Slither but not enough to say it’s a clone.

In Limax, players must take out other players to gain their mass, which is handled differently from Slither. Instead of taking out other players by getting them to run into your tail, you must try to get other players to run into the trail left by you speeding ahead.

Your body never really gets longer, but it does get larger and wider, as do the trails you leave behind. Killing other players takes more effort and strategy than Slither, that much is for sure.

High quality despite alpha

Despite being in an alpha state at the time of writing, is surprisingly flexible.

The game already has three graphical options, three themes, multiple skins, regional options, and the ability to choose your game mode and server. That’s a lot for an alpha, and a lot faster than other other non-clone .io games. It’s nice to have these options right out the gate, and the varied themes go a long way toward keeping the game’s visuals interesting. There’s a lot of good to be found in Limax in its current state if you’re looking for a new .io game to poke around in.

You can currently play via its website or on Android devices. The iOS release should be coming in the near future, but for now iOS users will have to give this bad boy a try via their PC browser.

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