Is Nintendo Doomed?

Companies have ups and downs, isn't it time Nintendo has a big up?
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Nintendo was the frontline of video game developers for many years. Their reputation didn’t take much of a hit until recently despite some bad consoles. I enjoyed the GameCube although some consider this their first major downfall. This isn’t counting the Virtual Boy which only had fourteen games launched in North America. 

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When GameCube launched it didn’t really wrap up a horrible name for itself, but it wasn’t creating any of the ruckus that the Xbox or PS2 was making. Some people were talking the GameCube down because of the small discs, but this didn’t stop the small box from performing as well or better than the competitors. 

When Nintendo launched the Wii there was massive hype surrounding it and it sold fantastically. However the gamers that adopted the console soon found it collecting dust more than anything. This console was a let down to hardcore gamers, but was amazing for family environments. The change of controllers made some players a little skittish and hesitant. However, Nintendo kept at trying to sell their new idea.

Nintendo quickly realized that even though this controller setup was revolutionary it wasn’t working. This changed their controller and console setup yet again releasing the Wii U. Again, gamers adopted this console still having high hopes for Nintendo, but let down for a second or third generation in a row. 

There is plenty of speculation that Nintendo is doomed, but that is not what this is about. We all know companies have ups and downs or good years and bad years. Nintendo has had a streak of bad years in the eyes of hardcore gamers and eventually will turn the luck around. The video game monster has more than enough money to stay in business, but they need to turn themselves around before the speculation turns to truth. 

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