It’s Been Nearly Two Weeks – Where Are the Bayonetta PC Mods?

With Bayonetta now on PC, the question remaining now is: when and what kind of mods will we see?

With Bayonetta now on PC, the question remaining now is: when and what kind of mods will we see?

So it’s been almost two weeks now since PlatinumGame’s iconic hair demon summoning witch, with oddly long legs — named Bayonetta — has made her way onto the PC through Steam. But the only question I have is: where are the nude mods?

What Mods to Expect

It’s pretty obvious we’ll see a nude mod judging by the fact when you Google search “Bayonetta PC mods” — half of the first page is dedicated to discussions around a possible nude mod. Rather ironic considering the fact Bayonetta technically is kind of already naked, you know considering her suit is made out of her own hair I guess?

In all seriousness however, I think mods to expect are primarily going to be graphical overhaul, enhancements, and improvement mods. Because one key thing to remember is, this game is simply a port of the console versions and not a remaster. Because of this I’m sure we’ll see modders release graphical overhauls to help improve the visuals of the game itself. For example within only a single day of the release there was even a re-shade mod that tries to match the darker shader of the console version.

Other mods likely to be expected are going to simply be different costumes or re-skins for Bayonetta herself. Everything from different video game characters in general, to possibly porting over Bayonetta 2‘s costume and hair style.

We’ll also probably see plenty of different hacks, such as trainers that allow you to have infinite health and ammo, to all kinds of crazy level hacks such as clipping through environments. Which I’m sure people will abuse to try and find hidden easter-eggs or messages hidden away within the level design.

What kind of mods though would you like to see in Bayonetta on PC? Personally I’d like to see a Rocco Botte mod, let us know in the comments what you would want to see! But for everything nude mods, try Google — but for all things Bayonetta stay tuned to GameSkinny!

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