Iyva, the violet bolt

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I’m Iyva – I am a Sylvari Elementalist who is quite skilled when it comes to handling air. If you get struck by lighting, that was no accident!

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I spent a lot of my time as a stowaway on the great Bazaar ship, where I learned how to perform from none other than Kookoocoo the Incredulous!

I decided it was time to take my act from the Zephyr to Lions Arch and spread my talent to all the major cities.


“Goodbye Master Kookoochoo!”

Get my signature look!

  • Aetherblade Goggles     –     indigo + maroon + hot pink
  • Arah Mantle     –     indigo + maroon + stream
  • Phoenix Vest      –     indigo + maroon + wine 
  • Inquest Gloves     –     white gold + indigo
  • Phoenix Pants      –     indigo + maroon + wine 
  • Aetherblade Shoes     –     indigo + maroon + hot pink

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Image of Iyva