Just a Vigil Elementalist

Charr Elementalist? Oh my!

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This is Barren Ruinclaw. My goal with this amor set was just to make a good looking Charr Ele. Nothing more, nothing less. The armor is the Vigil light set and the backpiece is the Mad Memoires: Complete Edition. Dyes used: Midnight Yew, Moss, Dijon, and Pottery. I went through many armor sets trying to find the look I wanted on my ele and none of them felt right (mostly because a lot of armor does not look too great on Charr due to stretched textures, clipping, and just downright looking awkward since most armor sets seem like they were not designed with Charr in mind). I chose these colors because I wanted the dyes to have a more “earthy” feel to fit the profession. I am really happy  with the turnout and I hope this provides some sort of inspiration to other players that are having a hard time getting their Charr to look good.

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