Just Admit it, PlayStation Fans: You Want Titanfall

Let's put aside the petty console war nonsense for a minute, and just be real.
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You know, fifteen years ago, I almost understood the petty, immature “console wars” that dominated forums and video game communities.

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I had hoped that would start to die out as gamers grew up, as the industry as a whole matured. That really hasn’t happened, unfortunately, so it’s time to call out another group of hypocrites.

Disclaimer: I’m a lifelong PlayStation fan. I always have been and I expect I always will be. I don’t own an Xbox One and I don’t intend to. I do have the PlayStation 4 and I have my reasons for selecting one over the other. That does not change my thoughts on Titanfall and how some PlayStation faithful have reacted to it.

I thought we all wanted good games

I’ve only got enough time to play the best of the best. This philosophy is in effect for all forms of entertainment, which is why I try to watch the best movies, read the best books (there’s a reason I tend to stick to the classics), and listen to the best music. I’m aware that “best” is a term with subjective elements, but it’s important to remember that opinion and personal preference have no bearing on quality. For instance, there’s no doubt that Titanfall is a quality production.

Even if we don’t like it, we should at least acknowledge that. I have difficulty understanding and becoming emotionally invested in opera; doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the talent involved. I don’t like certain genres; doesn’t mean I won’t praise a high-quality game that doesn’t fall into my wheelhouse.

And that’s the point: If we truly want great games, wouldn’t we all want something like Titanfall, regardless of whether it’s our cup of tea?

The flip-flop is inevitable

Oh, it happens all the time. Take last generation, for example: Mass Effect wasn’t initially available on the PS3. Heavily biased PlayStation fans immediately said they didn’t care. They didn’t want it for a variety of stupid reasons. However, the instant the sequel was confirmed for their favorite console, they either A. went quiet, or B. tried to recant their previous testimony. That’s just sad when that happens.

I’m not a big fan of hypocrisy. I won’t sit here cheering when Titanfall 2 gets announced for the PS4 (which I believe is inevitable). I may not be interested in the title – I never said I was interested in the original – but I certainly won’t condemn its arrival on the PlayStation platform. It’s just another good game to add to the library, whether I want it or not. What’s wrong with that?

I suppose if you’re going to be blindly biased, at the very least, be consistent.

Of course, it works both ways

I’ve come across Xbox aficionados who cast aspersions on Uncharted. This is equally idiotic because, love it or hate it, the Uncharted franchise is one of the very best in gaming history. That’s not in dispute. Therefore, of course you want it on your platform of choice; it makes that platform better, whether you’re interested or not.

I’ve often said that I’ll play games on anything. I don’t care what name is on the box that plays my games; I just want to play great games. It just so happens that over the years, the PlayStation brand has delivered far more experiences that I enjoy, and I personally believe the PlayStation library has always been far more diverse than the Xbox library. This is just the way it goes.

And I’ll tell you this–if they ever made Lost Odyssey 2 for the Xbox One, I’d buy that console. 😉

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