Kickstarter Games: Cinelinx Movie Lovers Card Game

Looking for a great new social card game? Check out the Cinelinx card game, funding now on Kickstarter.
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Kickstarter has so many fantastic games, it is hard to find the really great games to fund. There have been plenty of fantastic card games to go through Kickstarter in the past, including perennial favorites like Cards Against Humanity. Could the next great card game be on Kickstarter? Maybe. That’s where Cinelinx comes in.

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Made by the guys behind the Cinelinx movie websiteCinelinx is designed for all movie loving skill levels.

“We’ve been running a movie website for years now but we knew upfront that we didn’t want the game to be restricted to people who watch as many movies as we do.” 

Games that cater to movie buffs are few and far between. Either they’re specifically for one movie, or they’re Scene-It. Cinelinx seeks to change all of that with their dominoes style matching card game featuring directors, actors and film genres. 

In the game, you try to get rid of all of the cards in your hand by making links between actors, directors and genres. With “Director’s Cuts” cards there to mix up the play, it’s sure to have a high replayability factor. It has fantastic potential for a great social game. 

The ship date is a fairly soon June 2014, and there is already an expansion you can buy in the Kickstarter rewards section titled “Red Band.” From the sound of it, the design part of the process is almost done and all of the money will go towards manufacturing and shipping out the product. 

Not Final Box Design

Interested? Check out more information at the Cinelinx Kickstarter page.

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