Kingdom Hearts – Why It’s So Popular

It's Disney and Final Fantasy - what's not to love?

It's Disney and Final Fantasy - what's not to love?
Kingdom Hearts: why is it so popular?

Most people at the very least have heard of Kingdom Hearts. Especially after these past week’s at the E3 conference. Square Enix also announced a new game to the series, Kingdom Hearts 3.

But what makes it so addictive? 

1. Final Fantasy – The relationship for this popular game is known far and wide. The graphics carry over and are phenomenal compared to other RPG’s. 

2. Disney – The game is riddled with characters from the beloved Disney franchise. From Mickey to The Little Mermaid, almost everyone can find a favorite character included in the game.

3. Great Story –The game starts off following one character, Sora, and his friends, Riku and Kairi. It grows from there and we get thrown into the stories of these three friends, and that’s part of a lot of what makes us unable to put the game down. 

4. Great fighting! – The game centers around one weapon, the keyblade. With it you get all sorts of cool magic and sword fighting tricks, and the more you play , the more you get. 


Ovbreak, Kingdom Hearts is an extremely addicting game, and as long as Square Enix keeps it up I don’t see the franchise going anywhere for quite some time. 

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