Kopii: The Gemstone Enthusiast! Guild Wars 2 Fashion Contest

Quick on his feet and dressed to move, this Elementalist is fashioned to snatch up gemstones even in the roughest of situations! And dressed like one too!
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Elementalists tend to have a common look to them, always the flowing robes or dresses. But Kopii? Oh no, this Sylvari is all about the movement being a dagger focus Elementalist. In the heat of battle he needs to move and dodge without any dress to slow him down. 

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Kopii is a water elementalist equipped with his trusty Zenith Kris in one hand and a Glint’s Scale in the other, he’s ready to dive right in. Those two weapons representing his love of the jewels and gemstones littered about the lands, of course he would carry the most gemstone looking of the weapons he could find!

But of course we must get to his travel ready clothing!

As a Simple List:

  • Snapdragon Helm
  • Ascalonian Clergy Mantle
  • Apothecary’s Masquerade Raiments
  • Acolyte Gloves
  • Traveler’s Conjurer Pants
  • Mad King’s Slippers
  • Mad Memories 

Kopii wears a rather hodgepodge of clothing all fitting his needs and style. With fine adornments and little gemstones throughout his outfit he surely gathered them up with love and care. He takes quite pride in his Conjurers Pants and how they look like flared bell bottoms. These pair of pants makes him feel like he can run and travel without ever having to worry about a sudden breeze catching him off guard. The right amount of baggy and fitted, the sides of the pants also make him feel like he has wings!

Ready to hop his way through any
jumping puzzle under the moon!

And of course one cannot forget his favorite in his outfit; his Ascalonian Clergy Mantle. Through hours and hours of searching through the Ascalonian Catacombs, at last he was able to scrounge up enough shimmering tears to get his hands on this mini cloak. Perfect for the cold where he travels the most, Kopii is quite proud of his finely detailed mantle. Keeps him warm and does a number to protect him! How couldn’t it be his absolute favorite of items?

Such details! What comfort! 

At last with all that said and done, Kopii is dressed to impress with his choices in the fine details and his gemstone adornments littered throughout his outfit. Not your most regular water elementalist that is running across the lands, and he’s ready to be known as a shining jewel in fashion. 

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