League of Legends: Building a Legacy

Just a little insight to my own personal League of Legends beginnings.

I may be a beginner at League of Legends, but everyone starts as a beginner at some point. I figure I’d share my experiences up to date.

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Somehow, someway, someone got me to play League of Legends.

I started out saying for years that I would never play League of Legends. I just didn’t understand all the hype behind it. One day someone finally talked me into giving it a try, I can’t remember who or how. My first champion was Ashe; played her for a few games and didn’t quite get it. I just kept dropping and I couldn’t understand why. So I was on the verge of quitting when the free to play character list changed.

Slinging Boomerangs is fun!

Upon the new list I found Sivir; decent damage and still a ranged class. A few, more experienced, friends gave me some pointers and options to play around with but I kept migrating back to Sivir. To this day I don’t understand why I liked Sivir so much, I wasn’t very good with her. I think I had a 50% win/loss ratio.

Piltover’s Finest

So I continued to learn about the game, trying new things out. I played with the different characters as they rotated into the free to play. I was looking for one to fit my style, heavy damage that could take a hit. Then “Piltover’s Finest” Vi became available. Great for minion killing with her Excessive Force skill, and good for doing massive damage in a single hit with Assault and Battery. I have really taken a liking to this champion, and have even studied guides on how to improve my game using Vi. As I play more games and level up, I hope to continue to get better.

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