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Here is a complete listing of all my champion spotlights.

Here is a complete listing of all my champion spotlights.

I’ve started a new series of articles focusing on League of Legends champions. I wanted to put them all in an easily accessible listing for readers to browse through at their leisure. In this post I’ll link to every champion spotlight I write. Currently I’m planning on writing one for every champion, releasing a new spotlight at least once a week.

If there is a champion you would like to see a spotlight done on, leave it in the comments below. I’ll keep track of requested champions as well.

Completed Spotlights:

Here I’ll list the spotlights I’ve completed, and a date for when they were last updated. I plan on continuously updating the spotlights as the champions change. If a champion has changes listed in the patch notes expect their updates to be put into the spotlights within 24 hours.


The List:

Requested Spotlights:

Here I’ll list champions that readers request with a date at the top of the list to show when it was last updated. I currently have no requests so I’ll add the list once I receive them.

Champion Guides:

This is something new I’ve been considering for awhile, I’m starting it off with Vel’Koz support, since that’s something I’ve been toying with lately. Many of these guides are going to break the current meta of the game, and give new options to players struggling in the meta.

Item Spotlights and Guides:

Not sure how many of these I’ll end up doing but I’ll list them here as I write them.

The List:

If there is anything else you’d like me to cover feel free to request that as well.

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