League of Legends: Jinx Spotlight

"Oh look - I'm opening my box of care! Oh wait - it's empty!" -Jinx

Jinx is a fun champion. Just listening to her comments in game is worth the time spent. In this spotlight I’ll focus on the good, the bad, and the crazy that defines Jinx.

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Jinx’s Story:

A mysterious criminal with a penchant for destruction and chaos, the people of Piltover named her Jinx. Whenever Jinx is around bad things happen. Personally making a fool out of Piltover’s finest Caitlyn and Vi, Jinx lives for her own amusement.

Easter Eggs:

Jinx has a few easter eggs in-game. The first is a set of special taunts towards Vi and Caitlyn. The three also share a hidden passive called Catch Me If You Can. The passive adds no beneficial effects though. The third little known fact with Jinx is her rockets benefit from Runaan’s Hurricane. The impact explosion counts as an on-hit effect meaning both side bolts will explode as well on impact as well. For more on Runaan’s Hurricane, check out my Runaan’s Hurricane guide.

Here’s a video from Brofresco LoL covering the taunts and passive.

Jinx’s Stats and Skills:

Get Excited (Passive):

Jinx gains 175% movement speed that decays over four seconds, whenever she deals damage to an enemy champion or tower within 3 seconds of its destruction.

Switcheroo (Q):

Switcheroo toggles between Jinx’s two forms of basic attacks.

Pow Pow The Minigun:

Basic attacks grant a stack that increases attack speed. This can stack up to three times.

Fishbones The Rocket Launcher:

Switching on the rocket launcher increases Jinx’s range, damage, and causes each attack to cost mana. On impact, Jinx’s rockets deal splash damage as an on-hit effect.

Zap! (W):

Zap fires in a straight line on a short delay. An enemy hit with Zap takes physical damage and gets slowed for two seconds. In addition to the slow, the enemy champion is also revealed for two seconds even if they are within the fog of war area.

Skill Level Physical Damage Slow %
Tier 1 10(+140% Attack Dmg.) 30
Tier 2 60(+140% Attack Dmg.) 40
Tier 3 110(+140% Attack Dmg.) 50
Tier 4 160(+140% Attack Dmg.) 60
Tier 5 210(+140% Attack Dmg.) 70


Flame Chompers (E):

Jinx throws out three chompers that root enemies dealing magic damage. Jinx deals 80/135/190/245/300 magic damage (+100% AP) to enemies.

Super Mega Death Rocket! (R):

Jinx fires a straight-line global rocket that explodes on the first enemy hit. Enemies hit by the rocket take base damage plus additional damage for time traveled capping at 1 second. There is also bonus damage based on missing health.

Skill Level Base Dmg 
(+50% bonus AD)
Max Dmg 
(+100% bonus AD)
% of Missing Health Dmg 
Tier 1 125 250 25%
Tier 2 175 350 30%
Tier 3 225 450 35%


Is Jinx The Right Champion For You?:

Jinx the Loose Cannon.

Jinx is not built for new players. With skill shots and Switcheroo timings, she has a very high difficulty rating. If you’re looking for a challenge in the ADC role, try causing some mayhem with Jinx. Her lines in-game are worth the experience by themselves. Jinx is personally one of my favorite ADCs in the game right now.

If Jinx isn’t the right choice for you, check out my other LoL Champion Spotlights.

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