League Of Legends Nominated For Most Passionate Fan Base In Dragon Slayers Awards

In The Dragon Slayer Awards, League of Legends Has Been Nominated For TMost Passionate Fan Base.

The Dragon Slayer Awards is an annual awards show in which the gaming community chooses who wins. This opportunity is hosted for us through Guild Launch and holds quite a diverse selection in their respective categories. If you are unfamiliar with any selection in the categories, feel free to click their name to find out more through their main website. 

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For now, let us focus on one nominee. 

The Most Passionate Fan Base

Riot Games (the creators of League of Legends) continually gives its fans more and more. Their creation has made its way through the competition and landed in this years awards, and for great reason. With well over one million fans logged in to this free-to-play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) styled game, Riot has to be doing something right!

Their first way of bringing together the community of gamers is through the Summoner Showcase. This series goes over many talents from the players of the League of Legends community–from artwork, to cosplays, and more!

Another process is given to the community through live streaming. Well known players are featured on their main website and this option gives the fans an option to watch their favorite players and learn from them as they go head to head against one another. With a live chat provided for fans to communicate with each other, this gives them more reason to play together and discuss strategies to further themselves. 

How Is The Interaction In-Game?

League of Legends features a matchmaking system that gathers everyone into a pool, and disperses them into evenly matched teams for head to head battles. This system consists of three game modes in PvP, two game modes in Co-op vs. AI, and two in Custom.

 After joining the queue of players, you’re grouped together with others to choose your lanes and champions. This phase gives you some communication on what to do, however while in-game, it rises to a whole other level. Strategic plans are put into action as players fight together. And in this MOBA game, communication with each other is key to success.

With lots of competitive spirit and endless banter in-game, as well as out, it causes fans to strive for more. Fast-paced action and dedicated players is what Riot Games has created, and with a forever free-to-play game, everyone will be coming back for more!

So get on over to the Dragon Slayer Awards, and vote for League of Legends. This process will continue til September 2nd, so spread the word for your favorite game to win!

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