League of Legends: Shyvanna Spotlight

"I have proven my might to dragonkind - what challenge shall humans pose?" - Shyvanna

I’ve played a decent amount of Shyvana games the past two days. Since I was practicing her for my secondary option to Support, I figured for this week’s spotlight I’d cover Shyvana.

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Shyvana’s Story:

Shyvana is a half dragon, half human. Labeled as impure blood by the dragons and feared by humans, Shyvana didn’t really fit in with either. Her father was an outcast dragon so the two of them traveled constantly, fleeing from another dragon.

When the other dragon killed her father, Shyvana swore revenge. She crossed paths with Jarvan IV and his elite guard, who agreed to assist her. Afterwards, Jarvan IV offered her a place within Demacia and his elite guard.

Shyvana’s Stats and Skills:

Dragonborn (Passive):

Shyvana gains increased armor and magic resist. This bonus doubles in dragon form.

Twin Bite (Q):

Shyvana’s next basic attack hits twice. The second hit is based on a percentage of total AD. On hit effects apply twice. In dragon form, Twin Bite is a cleave attack hitting all enemies in front of Shyvana. Twin Bite applies on-hit effects twice per enemy hit.

Burnout (W):

Burnout is a circular AoE around Shyvana that deals magic damage to enemies. Shyvana also receives a movement speed buff that will decay 15%/second. With an initial duration of three seconds, each basic attack will increase the timer by one second for a maximum of four additional seconds. In dragon form Shyvana leaves a trail of that deals magic damage and lasts for five seconds.

Skill Level Magic Dmg/Second 
(+20% bonus AD)
Total Base Magic Dmg 
(+60% bonus AD)
Max Dmg 
(+140% bonus AD)
Initial Movement Speed Increase
Tier 1 25 75 175 30%
Tier 2 40 120 280 35%
Tier 3 55 165 385 40%
Tier 4 70 210 490 45%
Tier 5 85 255 595 50%


Flame Breath (E):

Shyvana shoots a fire skillshot that passes through enemies dealing 80/115/150/185/220 magic damage with a 60% AP modifier. Enemies hit by Flame Breath are debuffed for four seconds receiving bonus percent health damage equal to two percent max health from basic attacks. In dragon form it becomes a conal attack.

Dragon’s Decent (R):

Gives Shyvana a passive gaining fury over time. At max fury Shyvana can activate this ability to dash to target location dealing magic damage and pushing back enemies that are in her path. Shyvana deals 200/300/400 damage with a 70% AP modifier.

Is Shyvana The Champion For You?

Shyvana is one of the best top laners in the current meta. Even after the nerf to her laning phase damage. The thing you need to know with Shyvana is although you want to build her tank, she will still pummel almost every top laner. The E/Q combo is devastating, and she can either use her W to get into a fight or to get out of one. Shyvana players always choose when they want to fight, and never have to worry about being caught if they don’t want to be.

That being said Shyvana is also still a powerful Jungler. You still want to build her tanky as a Jungler, but your masteries will require a few tweaks. Shyvana is all about being a mobile tank, once you learn how to play her she will be a force to be reckoned with.

If Shyvana is not the champion for you, check out my League of Legends Champion Spotlight list for in-depth looks at other champions.

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