League Of Legends: Yasuo Spotlight

"The Story of a sword is inked in blood." -Yasuo
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Yasuo, the newest member of the League of Legends champion roster, is the focus of this week’s spotlight.

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Yasuo’s Story:

Framed for the murder of the Elder he was supposed to protect, Yasuo fled Ionia to track down the true assassin. Yasuo faced many of his former allies including his own brother as they came for his life. In the last minutes, Yasuo’s brother told him that the Elder was killed with a wind technique. Being that only Yasuo had mastered the wind techniques, Yasuo now understood why his allies suspected him and had a clue for tracking down the real killer.

Yasuo’s Stats and Skills:

Way of the Wanderer (Passive):

Way of the Wanderer doubles Yasuo’s critical strike chance. In addition, he also gains flow whenever he moves. This flow turns into a shield when Yasuo’s attacked.

UPDATE (Patch 4.2): Movement required to generate a unit of Flow increased by 15%.

Steel Tempest (Q):

Steel Tempest is a three-part attack, with the first two strikes having the same properties. These two strikes have a 475 unit straight line range damaging all enemies in that area. The third strike sends a whirlwind that travels 900 units, knocking up enemies hit by it. This skill is not based on cooldown reduction, and instead the cooldown gets reduced based on bonus attack speed.

UPDATE (Patch 4.2): Riot added a passive range indicator to Yasuo that appears when his Whirlwind is available.

Wind Wall (W):

Wind Wall has a passive and an active effect. The passive causes flow generated by using Sweeping Blade to increase by a scaling percentage. The active effect creates a wall of wind that starts at Yasuo but pushes out to 400 units away. This wall stops projectiles excluding enemy turret damage.

Skill Level Flow Gain Inccrease Wall Width
Tier 1 4% 300
Tier 2 8% 350
Tier 3 12% 400
Tier 4 16% 450
Tier 5 20% 500


Sweeping Blade (E):

Sweeping Blade dashes 475 units towards target enemy, marking them and dealing magic damage. Yasuo can not dash to an enemy that has a mark on it. Each consecutive dash increases the base damage of the next attack by 25% up to a maximum of 100%. Sweeping Blade passively grants flow when he dashes at a rate of 3/6/9/12/15%.

Skill Level Mark Duration Base Damage 
(+60% AP)
Maximum Dmg  
(+60% AP)
Tier 1 10s 70 140
Tier 2 9s 90 180
Tier 3 8s 110 220
Tier 4 7s 130 260
Tier 5 6s 150 300


UPDATE (Patch 4.2): Sweeping Blade’s passive Flow increase during dashes was reduced from 4/8/12/16/20% to 3/6/9/12/15%, as shown in the discription.

Last Breath (R):

Yasuo moves to nearest airborne enemy suspending them and surrounding airborne enemies within a 400 unit radius for 1 second while damaging them. Upon landing, Yasuo gains 50% penetration to bonus armor for 15 seconds. Last Breath deals 200/300/400 physical damage +150% bonus AD.

A recent bug resulted in Yasuo being disabled for a time due to Last Breath immobilizing targets after the ability ended. Yasuo has since been re-enabled.

UPDATE (Patch 4.2): The range on Last Breath is now 1200, reduced from 1300.

Is Yasuo The Champion For You?:


Yasuo can fill almost every role in a team’s composition. Early game Yasuo is a decent support against ranged ADC. Yasuo can melee ADC, run mid or top lane, or even jungle. He primarily plays like an assassin and is usually the champion you want to keep an eye on late game. 

Yasuo really excels in teams with other champions that can knock up enemies. Try pairing him with champions such as Janna or Cho’Gath. If you really want to wreck enemy face, I recommend trying Yasuo out.

If you’re not a fan of Yasuo, check out my other League of Legends champion spotlights.

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