Let’s Play: GameSkinny’s Must-Play Games of the Month

In our first let's play titles this month, we discuss the games we're currently playing and why you should too.

In our first let's play titles this month, we discuss the games we're currently playing and why you should too.

In any month, we here at GameSkinny, know there are tons of games to be played.  We cover and review so many that wanted a more intimate feature. We wanted to share what games occupy or have occupied our time this month.

For this feature, we sat down and spoke with GS community members Ashley Glitchiee and Pierre Fouquet.

Ashley Glitchiee

1. What games are you currently playing?

Elder Scrolls Legends is the only one really. I don’t have much time to play so more in depth games are on the back burner.

2. This seems silly but is fun?

 It is very fun. Even as a beta it has very little bugs.

3. Why are you playing it?

I have always like card games, even though I am not very good at them. I love the Elder Scrolls as well, especially all the lore. So it was a no brainer for me that I wanted to play this. It has easy to learn mechanics, and various ways of balancing out op cards or decks. A variety of modes keeps things fresh, even when I don’t want to play against other people, which other card games don’t usually have.  

4. What makes them special?

The Elder Scrolls lore

5. Would you recommend it? Why?

I would most definitely recommend it. Especially when it fully releases. There is a plethora of things to keep someone interested, from a variety of decks to the story line in the tutorial. There are 2 arenas, one PvP and one PvE.

In the PvE one, you level up as you go through it so it does get harder the more/better you play. Collecting the cards can be something else people would like to do. Definitely a game for someone who likes the Elder Scrolls mythos and wants to experience it in another way.

Bonus: What would your selling point be for each game?

It’s a card game, the Elder Scrolls lore, the Bethesda quality. It’s also fun and easy to get into. There’s no pay to win as far as I can tell.

Next, we interviewed Pierre Fouquet to ask him what games he spent his free time with. 

So What games are you currently playing?

I’m currently playing Forza Horizon 3, Seraph, Dirt Rally, Project Cars, and Insurgency.

This seems silly but are they fun?

Forza Horizon 3 is fun, so far.

Seraph is reasonably enjoyable.

Project: Cars is fun. Dirt Rally is definitely fun.

Insurgency is fun but only with people who use voice chat and during co-op.

Why are you playing them?

I’m playing Forza Horizon was for reviewing but also because I love me some racing games.

Seraph is also for review.

I’m playing Dirt Rally because I love the Rally racing games.

I’m playing Cars because I racing games.

Insurgency offers a lot of downtime with a bunch of friends.

What makes them special?

What makes Forza Horizon 3 special is that it’s set in Australia, a setting not many other games use, and it’s beautiful looking.

Seraph is It’s a shoot em up, where you don’t need to aim.

Dirt Rally is just the best Rally game since Richard Burns Rally, and Colin McRae Dirt.

Project Cars is one of the best track racers around.

Insurgency is the midpoint between Battlefield, and Arma. Realistic, but not overly so.

Would you recommend them? Why?

Forza seems like a really good arcade racer. It’s also set in an interesting and beautiful location.

Seraph is a rather interesting shoot em up, where the lack of aiming doesn’t feel like a constraint and the focus is more on movement and powers.

If you love rally, and racing games, you just need to get Dirt Rally!

The same can be said for Project Cars, it’s the game to play if you love racers. GET IT! NOW!

If you want something which is a bit more realistic than Battlefield, or CoD, but not a military simulator, then Insurgency is your game. Note: There’s a standalone Unreal Engine 4 game called Sandstorm is coming out at some point soon

Bonus: what would your selling point be for each game?

Forza Horizon; there’s no laws, driving around Australia in some of the world’s best cars!

Seraph is a shmup without aiming, where you aim is to look cool.

Dirt Rally is the best Rally game on the market, and Rallycross as an added bonus!

Project Cars is among the best racers on the market, and it runs amazingly on Xbox One and PS4.

Insurgency offers realism, without real life constraints, as well as amazing mod support on Steam.

What were your favorite games this month. What games do you find yourself playing regularly? Let us know in the comments section below.

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