Loot Crate Monthly Unboxing – Review October 2013: Survive

Loot Crates - that monthly box of goodness that every Geek and Gamer should have!
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I imagine many have already heard of Loot Crate.  For those that haven’t, check out this Unboxing video to see what types of goodies can be collected from these monthly subscription boxes (shameless YouTube channel plug!). 

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The video features my son Orion as he delves into the monthly box of gamer goods. His reactions are raw and unscripted and often times funny as he doesn’t always know where the items originate from (Occasionally I’ll drop him a hint).


Each box (shoe box size) has a variety of items from gaming related stickers, T-shirts, toys and collectables and even discounts to various other geek and gamer sites and merchandise. Loot Crate usually strings together a theme for each month, October’s being “Survive.”  The items inside will be in the ballpark of the theme but the type of items varies. You won’t get a shirt each month but you might get a Funko figure in its place.

I’ve been getting the Loot Crate for my son for several months now (feel free to visit the YouTube page for other unboxing videos) and each one gives you items that equal or exceed the amount you pay if you were to buy the items retail.  There are several other subscription boxes of this nature out there but from what I’ve seen in reviews, Loot Crate is the least expensive and they all give about the same type of items. Loot Crate will set you back about $20 after shipping and handling while the others push up towards the $30 mark. $10 might not seem like much but if you break down the retail price of these items then you wouldn’t be saving much buying them separately…at $20 you are getting a deal.


My favorite items are usually the shirts. This months (Ewoking Dead) is my #1 and my “Dead Pool Aid” (mix of Dead Pool and Kool Aid Man) is #2.  Orion gets a kick out of most of the stuff and likes to try the candy that is often included. A few of his reactions to the candy are included in some of the videos.

All in all, we will continue to subscribe as we enjoy and look forward to each months release.  We will also continue to video Orion’s reaction to each box for as long as he wants!


If you realize your missing out on some Geek and Gamer goodness, then travel over to LootCrate.com and sign up! I think its worth it to try it at least for a month. If you do, be sure to make your own Unboxing video or take pictures and post to Loot Crate so they can enter you into contests to win Mega Crates that have tons of goodies! Who wouldn’t like that?

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