Loot Hunt Proves That Community Matters to Gearbox

Community matters at Gearbox and the proof is in the...Creamer.
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Borderlands 2 $100K Loot Hunt had a bumpy start. Gearbox Software announced on October 11 that the contest would be postponed until October 12 at 11am EDT. After that, my Vault Hunter and the fan base went off!

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Gearbox found a way to get Vault Hunters all over together. Not only are you able to get kills for yourself, but also for the community.

Community Goals let everyone work together to kill 50,000 Badass Marauders, 100,000 Bullymong Slinger or how about a million Gun Loaders. But what do they get out of it? How about some really awesome guns?

When you work together with your fellow players and you’ll get more baddass loot. This week’s reward is Moxxi’s rocket launcher named…well…Creamer. Yes, help the community meet the mark and you’ll get some Creamer–I’m trying to make this as kid friendly as possible, guys!

The forums are even blowing up with all the talk about the Loot Hunt. And Moxxi is pleased.

Some of you are playing a little game of, “you show me yours & I’ll show you mine” with your kill numbers. I like it.

Not to mention Twitter. #loothunt is blowing up with people banding together to meet the Community Goal for today.

Help the community! Farm GUN Loaders at the Friendship Gulag due north of Ellie’s Garage – @EatYourFatFace

I’m happy to see a developer so involved in their community. This isn’t the only time Gearbox has shown interest in their players, since this year they celebrated another Community Day.
I really admire the amount of thought they put into getting their fans back into the game over and over again.

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