Lords Of The Fallen Looks Like My Kind Of Game

Although similar to Dark Souls, Lords Of The Fallen is looking up to be pretty epic.
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I would like to admit that I agree with those who say that Lords Of The Fallen looks very similar to Dark Souls, but let’s be honest–is that really a bad thing? In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with a game looking, or playing similar to another game. As long as that game plays well and brings something new to the table that the other game could not. So what new things is Lords Of The Fallen bringing to the fray?

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Lords Of The Fallen is a fantasy-action RPG, set in a medieval world where a fallen god rules with a mighty fist and an endless army of demons. Players will take the role of Harken, a man with a shady past, who also has a lot of face tattoos. These tattoos represent sins he has committed in his life; those with a face tattoo are cast out forever.


Centuries ago, mankind fought against this fallen god in hopes to rid the world of evil, but it seems they did not succeed. Now Harken must face the demonic army or die trying, and just like Dark Souls, Harken will be dying a lot. Judging from the trailers, Lords Of The Fallen will take a more story-driven and active narrative approach, where Dark Souls has a more passive narrative.

The boss fights in Lords Of The Fallen look progressive, meaning that they will have different phases during the fight. For example, the first boss in the game will begin to lose his armor and become faster and more aggressive as you slowly chip away his health, eventually losing all of his armor and his shield.


So what exactly is Lords Of The Fallen bringing to the table that Dark Souls has not? So far it seems like there are better graphics and a richer story. I enjoyed Dark Souls II a lot, and any game that could potentially have the same epic feeling as that is definitely going on my must-buy list. 

Co-developed by CI Games and Deck 13, and published by Namco Bandai, Lords Of The Fallen sadly has no release date yet, but is scheduled for released on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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