Lost Pirates of the Caribbean: Seeking MMO Home Ports Beyond the Sea

With so few Pirates MMO options, Eliza looks to other realms to buckle her swash.
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The Waters Be Poisoned

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After a rather disappointing week trying to locate a new haven for the pirate refugees fleeing the sinking ship that is Pirates of the Caribbean Online, I turn eyes elsewhere. Anchorage for the hundreds to thousands of potential lost souls, narrowed down rather sharply.

Pirates of the Burning Seas may hold the best option for those lost buccaneers who need to sail. However, it was surprising and disheartening to me how few 3-D action MMOs are actually set during the Golden Age of Piracy, which is a literal treasure trove for gaming.

Ages Past

One of the most popular options for scoundrels looking for a new MMO home is the classic fantasy MMO. Swords and sorcery tend to be the bread and butter moneymakers.

World of Warcraft – The perennial poster child for the modern MMO has faced the same rollercoaster of fame and desertion that killed Pirates Online, but millions still play world-wide (even after the Kung-fu Panda update).

Guild Wars 2 – ArenaNet’s graphic heavy MMO is a large world with a diverse range of races and careers. Plenty of crafting and customization abound as well as places to find and battle enemies. It’s not too hard to find a band of adventurers who will welcome another hearty warrior to the ranks either.

GW2 is NOT free-to-play, but once you pay the one-time cost of purchasing, then there is NO monthly fee ever.

Lord of the Rings Online – Another lovingly detailed game and based on the popular books and recent films.

So, there is already some familiarity with its universe and since it’s release in 2007, the game has had plenty of critical praise. I can say that I enjoyed how fast you can get up and running in LotRO. There is a quick learning curve and a good tutorial.

I admit I wasn’t overly pleased with the level of graphic detail, but the universe is very engaging and social aspects compensate.

Elder Scrolls Online – One of the most talked about upcoming MMOs has a list of 3,000,000 people waiting to beta test. And if it’s just a percentage of the stunning world Bethesda created in Skyrim, it could be a real beast. But, we won’t really know until 2014.

Arche Age – TRION is teasing the web with the upcoming beta test of a new entry into the fantasy MMO field. Originally developed by XL Games from Korea, this epic world opened in January. The graphics look gorgeous and what ho… I see a SHIP! And Good Lord, the Kraken! Fleets of warships battling and big beastie right in the middle! Could this be our pirate promised land?

In a Galaxy… Blah Blah Blah

Many players were hopeful when there was word that Disney had bought out George Lucas. It meant that LucasArts was in the deal. The innovative and artistic company that spawned so many great titles. Maybe they could have recreated our piratey home into a new realm of discovery…

Then, Disney pulled the plug and LucasArts was scheduled to be boarded up and shutdown. You can imagine the sinking hearts.

Still, LucasArts and Bioware had created Star Wars: The Old Republic, an intergalactic MMO set in that big galaxy far, far away. It had outlasted the ill-fated Star Wars Galaxies. Though Galaxies, it can be said, did itself in with the unpopular WoW-style makeover.

Many pirates have already taken to the idea of wielding a cutlass made of light and stepping aboard a Corellian stock freighter instead of their sloop. After all, the game has a strong social system and it’s easy to join groups for missions and help each other finish quests.

But there will always be the worries that someday, the mouse pulls the plug. In the meantime, some have said they aren’t happy that ship combat is restricted.

SW:TOR is FREE-to-play, but you can spend money buying better gear, etc.

I will take a moment to mention E.V.E. Online because it is a great MMO and offers the opportunity to ply to spaceways looking for adventure, exploration and plundering is not out of the question. 

Salty Advice

To the lads and lasses about to be orphaned by the coming closure, take heart. There are places we can once again have swashbuckling adventures. They may just not be in familiar waters, but know that many of your former crew and guildmates will be out there to venture with you once again.

Before the final horizon sets with last sinking sun on September 19th, make plans to keep in touch and find each other in whatever new realm you decide to venture to.

And keep a sharp eye for any sails that may appear in the distance, because maybe someday another proper pirate MMO will come.

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