Lucia Godwinson: Durmand Priory Arcanist

What secrets lie beyond the horizon?
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Although common by birth, Lucia was blessed by the goddess Dwayna. Being gifted in the magical arts, she found herself attuned to the elements, with a particular affinity to Water. After the defense of Shaemoor, Lucia eventually joined the Durmand Priory to seek arcane knowledge and combat Zhaitan’s minions.

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Back - Rata Sum in Horizon

Front - Lion's Arch Waterfall

The design of the set is to emphasize the mysterious, esoteric nature of magic in Tyria. A shrouded hood, a heavy cowl, drapery sleeves, and a flowy dress. All cloth pieces are embroidered, and the Tarnished Silver give it an elegant grace. The heavy-styled gloves and boots round off the set with a sturdy, battle-ready feel. The Arcanus Obscurus focus is the crown jewel to the set. The ensemble is not very revealing, as some light armors can be, but balances practicality and refinement.

Armor Class: Light Armor
Gender: Female
Colors Used: Winter Sky (Default) and Tarnished Silver

Helmet: Priory Helm (Durmand Priory)
Shoulder: Ascalonian Clergy Mantle (Ascalonian Catacombs)
Chest: Cabalist Coat (Trading Post)
Hands: Acolyte Gloves (Trading Post)
Legs: Inquest Pants (Crucible of Eternity)
Feet: Masquerade Boots (Trading Post)

Main Hand: Guild Truncheon (Commendations)
Offhand: Arcanus Obscurum (Trading Post)

All the pieces come from separate sets. Half can be purchased outright very inexpensively. Players will need to run AC and CoE dungeons for some parts, as well as have a character in the Priory should they seek the hood.

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