Lumae the Sunset Sylvari

This Sylvari is sunset in the form of a flower.
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With bold yellows and peachy pinks, this Sylvari mesmer stands out among the flowers of Caledon Forest. Born during the cycle of dusk, Lumae’s look is heavily influenced by the setting sun.

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The Look:

Armor: Twilight Arbor Light Armor Dungeon Set

Back: Fervid Censer (Southsun Cove)

Weapons: Zenith weapons, Modniir Quarterstaff, or Krytan staff

Dyes: Butter, Peach Sunset, Crush, Citrus


Lumae Because flowers can have attitude too. 

 In the Grove

At home in the grove.

 Starry Night

Starry Night in Gendarran Fields (Conjurer’s chest and legs, Masquerade Gloves, Mad King’s Slippers, Twilight Arbor Weapons)


Lumae’s Imgur Album

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