Lunar Revel Skins 2014

Check out the Lunar Revel skins, featuring Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere, Moon Goddess Diana, and Dragonblade Riven.

The Lunar Revel is coming. An event meant to coordinate with the Chinese Lunar New Year, this is the third year of the Lunar Revel and it will feature a couple of interesting elements, including new skins for three champions: Riven, Tryndamere, and Diana.

Above is the Lunar Revel 2014 login screen, with full animation and music. For full information on the features, check out our Lunar Revel article

Lunar Goddess Diana is the newest skin for champion Diana. With her moon-y namesake, making a Lunar Revel Skin was probably a no-brainer for the developers at Riot. You can get the Lunar Goddess Diana skin during the Lunar Revel event for 975 RP.

The Lunar Goddess Diana Lunar Revel skin in action. 

While some players were upset by the supposed nerfing of Riven, Riot took the opportunity to introduce a new Lunar Revel skin: Dragonblade Riven. This is the most expensive skin at 1350 RP.

A video of the Dragonblade Riven Lunar Revel skin in action. 

Riot will also be releasing a Lunar Revel skin for Tryndamere. Titled Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere, you'll be able to pick up this skin at the Riot store during the Lunar Revel event for 975 RP. 

A video showcasing the Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere Lunar Revel skin. 

What do you think of the Lunar Revel skins? Will you be buying any of them?