Lunar Revel Coming Soon

League of Legends Lunar Revel is on the horizon.

League of Legends Lunar Revel is a celebration that follows the Asian Lunar New Year, and has been celebrated since 2012. Like other League events, the Lunar Revel will feature new wards, mystery gifting, as well as new skins for the event. 

The three featured skins will be for Lunar Goddess Diana, Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere, and Dragonblade Riven, which promise to "echo history as they enter the battlefields." You can see videos of the skins in action in our Lunar Revel skin slideshow.

In the past, Lunar Revel skins have occasionally called to mind the zodiac animal of that year, so dragons and snakes respectively. However this is the Year of the Horse, so there doesn't seem to be much inspiration coming from that quarter. 

The Lunar Revel will also be accompanied by new and returning Lunar Revel Wards, as well as mystery gifting and new icons based on "this year's three legends." 

The Lunar Revel will be coming up in an upcoming patch, with more info coming from the League of Legends website.

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Published Jan. 15th 2014

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