Luvinia World: How One Passionate Gamer Helped Bring Back the Game that He Loves

The story of how one gamer campaigned to find a new publisher for his favorite MMORPG - and succeeded.
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Online games come and go. No matter how attached we might become to a particular MMORPG, it will eventually close. It’s not at all unusual for some to spend years on their character, patiently leveling it up from a level 1 newbie to an uber, maxed-level pro. What happens when the game you love closes down and your character is lost forever?

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This is the exact situation that faced the players of Luvinia Online last year. When the game’s San Francisco-based publisher Outspark closed their doors on February 2013, the community grieved. One gamer fought back. Convinced that Luvinia Online had a thriving community, he launched a campaign to bring back the MMO he loved. To drum up support for a relaunch, he created a Facebook page, Youtube video, and posted in forums about finding a new publisher for the game.

Luvinia Online


Susan A., Head GM of Luvinia World, specifically credits that particular player who was apparently instrumental in drumming up support for Luvinia. In an interview she said that, “One player in particular went on what was to become the LOVE LUVINIA Campaign… All of this attracted the attention of the SOA Games team who were quite impressed by the determination of the community in general.”

So cheers to that gamer! You did what many others wish they could have done, bring back a formerly dead MMO back to life.

Here is a question for everyone to ponder: if you could bring back just one MMORPG, which one would it be and why?

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Hang in there, things will get better soon. Or not.