Maguuma’s Royal Princess

Lookin' cute, feelin' cute!

Lookin' cute, feelin' cute!

Always be pretty, prim, and purple; that’s my motto.

Never a day goes by without a stranger complimenting my dress.

I blow them a kiss and they blush and swoon.

My friends tell me I’m flirting with danger, but I just giggle.

Everyone knows I bring the thunder.

My Outfit:
  • Zhed’s Mask
  • Heritage Mantle
  • Heritage Great Coat
  • Exalted Gloves
  • Corrupted Orrian Skirt
  • Armageddon Shoes

My Dyes:
  • Helm: Hot Pink, Lemon Zest, Lavender
  • Shoulders: Iris, Illumination
  • Coat: Iris, Fuschia, Illumination
  • Gloves: Blurple, Redemption, Humiliation
  • Skirt: Royal Purple, Purple, Pastel Citrus, Heather
  • Shoes: Indigo, Banana


 XOXO, Skaazi.8264

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