Marvel Heroes Gaming Community Nominated for a Dragon Slayer Award

Vote for Marvel Heroes Gaming Community today!

Vote for Marvel Heroes Gaming Community today!
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Marvel Heroes gaming community has been nominated for a Dragon Slayer award in the most passionate gaming community category. What sets the community apart from all the others?

I visited the community and found a lot of useful information such as game tips, tricks, and suggestions.  Above all, I found friendliness.  I saw no drama, no trolls and no bashing.  It was just a friendly bunch of people who were sharing their love of the game Marvel Heroes.


When I asked the community what made their community the most passionate and most deserving of the Dragon Slayer award, I received an overabundance of responses.

Overwhelming I was told that an excellent staff keeps the bar set high. They keep a close watch on any inkling of drama and shut it down.  If something does go wrong,  players are usually compensated in some sort of way, which is just unheard of in the gaming community overall.  The staff really takes an interest in the community’s feelings and ideas.  I was told the staff hardly ever responds negatively.

Another big perk of this community is developer involvement.  Members told me that the game developers are very friendly and make them feel involved.  They make members aware of anything coming up.  I was even told that, at some point, the CEO and his wife put on a fun, informal stream for members.


Member ‘Soulfang” comment,” The developers are here 7 days a week, listening and tuning the game to make it better, what more can we want?”  User ‘whiskeyyy’ replied,”Hands down the best dev group and community I have ever seen. and I plan to stick around for years to come.”  A few other users informed me that they’ve tried other gaming communities but were disappointed when compared to this one.

Because of it’s family-feel, non-toxic environment, game developer involvement, and awesome staff, this community continues to flourish and keep its current members happy and active.  For all of these reasons, I believe the Marvel Heroes Gaming Community is a top contender for Dragon Slayers’ most passionate gaming community.


To vote for Marvel Heroes and check out all of the other categories, check out the Dragon Slayer Awards site at Guild Launch.

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