Marvel vs. Capcom 3 – A Brother’s Aspiring Dream

Shoduran interviews an avid Marvel vs. Capcom player: his brother, Seo.

Today, I will be interviewing a close family member. Like my own dream, my brother Joshua Clark – regarded fondly as “Seo” – wants to become a professional gamer. His chosen field in the video gaming career however is Fighting Games.

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When asked about his favorite video game, he answered immediately with Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and I had to first ask what drew him so quickly to this game in particular.

  • Sho: “So, why Marvel vs. Capcom? I know it’s not the only Fighting Game you’ve played.”
  • Seo: “It has to do with the competitive scene right now.  Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 also has a soft place in my heart due to having loved the Marvel Vs. series as a kid, and even if there’s imbalances in the game, I absolutely love the high, break-neck speed of its play and skill.”

It is an amusing situation to share a common goal between two completely separate genres in video gaming, both games in which are somewhat hostile between each other in calling each other’s game a skill-less and depth-less PvE farm simulator or a mash-button gamble casino.

  • Sho: “So after having played the game for so long, what’s your favorite team? Any preference for who is “on-point” or who is your “anchor”?”
  • Seo: “I have to say Trench Coat Mafia. High tier, safe, and reasonable skill to use. I like to have Vergil on-point since he’s my most practiced, and I keep Wesker as my anchor because he’s still a pretty strong pick. I honestly didn’t think to play this group until I ran across a random Youtuber named Xuses who really threw some combos out that made me go ‘wow’.”
  • Sho: “Well, since you say you’re real practiced, have you had problems climbing the ranked ladder?”
  • Seo: “It wasn’t really all that hard at first until I got around Seventh Lord. Maybe not a lot of other people still play online or something, because I keep getting pit up against Fifth and Fourth Lords. Not fun. Maybe it’s because I play late too.”

Even he had problems in ranked? There’s another shared facet in life. I began to talk about role models he admired or might want other players to watch in order to learn anything.

  • Sho: “Playing any favorites with professional players?”
  • Seo: “Has to be Yipes. Runs the same team I do, but ditches Wesker for Magneto. Good reason too, Mags has a good assist, insane combos, and safe moves. I just love watching him play the same heroes I do.”
  • Sho: “So, do you have any advice for people getting into the game who want to become professional or climb ranked ladder?”
  • Seo: “Yeah, uh… stick with top tier and practice. Sounds sad to say, but you have to go with what’s good right now until you really know the heroes or the match-ups. And practice.  A lot.  I said practice, right? I swear I practiced six to eight hours straight everyday when I got started.”

Seo is always looking for someone else to spar online. His PSN account name is Markelows, and I wish him and everyone else out there on their ventures into the professional scene. Good games!

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