Mass Effect 3 Left You Feeling Unsatisfied? Let’s See if Black Milk Clothing Can Help

For all your spandexy-geek needs.

Fans of Australian clothing designer Black Milk and blockbuster gaming franchise Mass Effect, rejoice! Black Milk has released a brand new line of Mass Effect inspired clothing, available now through the online retailer. 

Previously, Black Milk had teased just the classic N7 stripe, in a few different styles. But now, they've released a few other styles, some with a decidedly comic book vibe. 

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The N7 style is accompanied by the text; "Welcome to Special Forces 7. Try not to get killed." You can get leggings, a mini-dress or swimsuit with the N7 logo on it. 

This is called "Don't Cross Omega's Boss" and is one of several styles that attain that comic book look. The Polyester/Lycra combination material is available in mini-dress and swimsuit styles. 

"If you're after fate and prophecy, Athame is your ancient, benevolent lady." This look is available in swimsuit and leggings. 

This one is called Tali'Zorah vas Normandy. This Australian made and manufactured piece is available in swimsuit and dress. 

Meeting intelligent life in Mass Effect isn't always a fun experience. Celebrate that with this "First Contact Sucks," available in swimsuit, leggings and dress. 

All these Mass Effect looks, and other geek looks including Lord of the Rings and Star Wars are available for purchase now on the Black Milk website. 

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