From a robot apocalypse, to an underwater castle, anything your mind can think of, Dreams can make it happen.

Media Molecule’s Dreams: Everything We Know So Far

From a robot apocalypse, to an underwater castle, anything your mind can think of, Dreams can make it happen.

Media Molecule, the creators known for Little Big Planet and Tearaway, have a new exciting game under development — Dreams

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What is Dreams?

With an initial tech demo showcased back in 2013 Dreams has actually been in development since shortly after the release of Little Big Planet 2 (2011)

“Before we knew it at Media Molecule we had made hundreds of these things, imagine this multiplied from our tiny stuff to the thousands of millions of brilliant PlayStation users online”

– Alex Evans, Co-Founder and Technical Director at Media Molecule

Dreams is a game in which you can create whatever your mind can think of, whether it’s a character, a piece of scenery, foliage, or something that doesn’t fit any category whatsoever. You can paint, sculpt, animate, create music, or if you want you can simply experience what others have created. You can use your work, or the work of others to make a movie, diorama or even a game, it’s multiplayer too! From an entertainment point of view, there is virtually unlimited fun to be had.

There is heavy networking involved on this game, as it was explained by Media Molecule that everything you upload will be available to everybody for use in their own work. But don’t worry, there will be an original creator link on every piece of creation, so there won’t be a huge deal with plagiarism. This is great for someone who has a gift in directing, but isn’t the best at sculpting a visual, or vise versa.

Media Molecule has hosted a number of live streams showcasing some of what can be done in Dreams, below is a live stream that shows off a created environment, a robot, and some other cool things! (Note: Everything you see at any given time is created with the same feature shown after 14:00)

Media Molecule hasn’t shown anything recently, Their last live stream was back in August 18th. As somebody who gets their fix off of this sort of game, I hope they start live streaming again, or hopefully announce something big about Dreams soon!

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