Mighty No. 9 Boss Guide

Find yourself stuck with a boss in Mighty No. 9? Here's our handy guide to help you win.

Now that Mighty No. 9 has been released, it has been testing players’ skills. The game is no pushover, and neither are its bosses. If you find that one of the robot bosses has your number, here’s our boss guide for the game.

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The first Mighty Number is weak to Aviator’s power. He’ll begin each attacking phase by engulfing his body in fire. Afterwards depending on your distance he’ll charge to the opposite side of the room. He’ll try to charge you or explode near you. It’s easy to move to the opposite side while chipping his life away.

When his life reaches the 50% mark he will begin his desperation attack (all bosses possess this). He’ll be engulfed in a more intense blue flame and will charge you much faster. Be warned — if Pyro grabs you in this state it’s instant death. Thankfully, if you keep your wits about you, you can blow this fire.


The second Mighty is weak to heat. She uses her speed to travel back and forth across the room. This is all an attempt to try to freeze you. When Cyro has you pinned on a side, unleash your charged fire and destroy her ice wall. This is often leave her incapacitated and free to further damage. Careful with he desperation attack because she’ll try to freeze you while chasing. You can dash under to avoid this with proper timing. If she freezes you she’ll encase her self in a giant spiked ball of ice. This may kill unless you break free to run away. Brave those dangerous waters and bring the heat.


Mighty No 3 is weak to Brandish’s power. Initially, she’ll float around the room, free to damage. She’ll attack by firing her electric nodes at you. If you don’t avoid them or shake them off, you’ll be in trouble. She’ll then summon electricity that will be able to attack you from anywhere. When her back is to the wall, she’ll summon an electric shield. Thankfully, you can use your blade whirlwind to eventually break it. Continue to stay mobile and it’s lights out for Dyna.


The forth model finds himself weak to explosives. Mic begins by dropping stones from above to harm you. He’ll also throw some stones from the opposite side of the room as well.  He will also charge you from either side of the room. During this attack you can use the walls to avoid damage. This isn’t completely safe, however, because he will also attack with drills that will reach you if you stay stationary. When Mic gets desperate, he’ll reduce the room’s size and will charge more often. Stay calm and blow apart his tough exterior. 


The fifth creation of William White is weak to ice. Bat will spend his time attacking with missile fire combined with rapid bullets rather frequently. You’ll want to exercise patience with long distance warfare against him. When things get dire, he’ll attack much more rapidly. He’ll also fire a missile that will spell game over if you’re nearby as it detonates. Keep these tactics in mind to help him return home from war.


The sixth Mighty unit is helpless against Shade’s power. Avi’s fight is unique in the sense that he will announce his attack sequence. He’ll first begin by attempting to dash into you. In another attack sequence he’ll fire at you while flying horizontally. Fire often at his personal camera and the ricocheted bullet will hit the target. When he knows his number is up, he’ll fire a constant flurry of bullets at you and will perform a powerful instant death charge. His charge can be avoided safely by dashing to a platform at the last second. Make sure to not fall to your death and clip his wings.


Mighty No. 7 is powerless against Mic’s power. Brand applies hit and run tactics in his fight. He’ll often run towards you to slice you up and or perform his blade whirlwind. He’ll also use dive kicks to attack from an angle. The key to minimizing damage is to stay moving and stay aware of his positioning. When low on life, he’ll perform a series dashing attacks from multiple angles. These attacks are preceded by a blue light in the direction he’ll slash and thankfully you can dash away from danger. Show him you don’t bring a sword to a gunfight.


The eighth robot doesn’t deal well with electricity. As a sniper, Shade mainly attacks from afar. He’ll teleport often to vantage points as he tries to hit you from angles. Most of the time, you can find cover but you’ll need to move occasionally. When things get dangerous, he’ll occasionally take aim at you from afar with an array of bullets. You’ll need to dodge these by moving constantly, because he can hit you from anywhere. He’ll also have a shadow and you’ll need to determine whom is the real one. The shadow glows and is easy to ignore. Help him step out of the shadows when the fight is over.

Hopefully you’ll find this guide will help you conquer the game.

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