Mike Tyson Fights Himself in Punch-Out!

Watch Mike Tyson play himself in the 1987 NES game, Punch-Out!!
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Retired pro boxer Mike Tyson fought 21-year-old version of himself from the 1987 NES game, Punch-Out!! on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show earlier this week.

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“The only person that can beat Mike Tyson is Mike Tyson,” Jimmy said, which persuaded Mike to play the last round in Punch-Out!!.

The 8-bit version of Mike Tyson is known for being a nearly impossible boss to beat. It’s considered one of the hardest final levels ever. The player, as Little Mac, has to dodge for a solid minute and thirty seconds or before attempting to punch Mike, or else it’s a one-hit knock out.

Mike’s moves don’t follow a pattern, so predicting his punches is useless. Luckily, even if you can’t beat him, scoring 5,000 or more points by the end of the third round will grant you the title.

Mike lost against himself, but did well with blocking despite claiming last year in a TMZ interview that he was so bad at the game, he couldn’t even beat Glass Joe, the first and easiest opponent.

 “I’m a late bloomer,” he said in the TMZ interview. “I started playing games in 2006, 2007.”

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