Want to know what's coming for Stardew Valley and don't feel like skimming ConcernApe's massive AMA? I got you, bud.

Missed Stardew Valley dev ConcernedApe’s AMA on Reddit? Here are the highlights

Want to know what's coming for Stardew Valley and don't feel like skimming ConcernApe's massive AMA? I got you, bud.
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Did you think development on Stardew Valley was complete? Think again, my friend! The game’s development is far from over if its own developer has anything to say about it.

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In case the game’s continued development support after its release wasn’t a hint that development was still on the agenda, developer ConcernedApe made his way to the Stardew Valley subreddit yesterday during a community Ask Me Anything thread to shed some light on what’s to come for his indie farming RPG. And a lot of what was mentioned is very exciting for Stardew Valley fans.

In case you’re lazy and don’t feel like scrolling through his 2000+ post AMA, I’ve compiled some of the more notable points from the thread with source permalinks to relevant posts linked (links in the asterisks). Here we go!

  • There are secrets the playerbase hasn’t found yet *
  • Displaying fish (like legendaries) may come in a future update *
  • Pets may be made “more interesting” in a future update *
  • A future update may add a basement or extra room addition to your house *
  • Steam Workshop support is “very likely” and is something ConcernedApe is looking into *
  • Don’t rule out new areas or already-existing areas being expanded in a later update *
  • ConcernedApe’s upcoming game(s) will continue to be 2D and possibly in the same universe as Stardew Valley *
  • The ability to move farm buildings will “probably” be added in a future update *
  • ConcernedApe may experiment with more children developmental stages in 1.1 *
  • The 1.1 content update will likely add two new marriage candidates, one male and one female *
  • The new male marriage candidate will probably be Shane *
  • Kent’s introduction event and Lewis and Marnie’s event were previously bugged and were fixed with a patch yesterday *
  • More event scenes will likely be added with content patch 1.1 *
  • The 1.1 content update will also likely add more expensive items and buildings for later in the game, new crops (one potentially being coffee), and more variety in the mines *
  • ConcernedApe wants to make “many more games” *
  • Butchering is not going to be officially added to Stardew Valley *
  • The ability to make wheat flour will likely be added in a future update *
  • GoG updates come slower than Steam’s because of the platform’s update process and there’s nothing to be done about it *
  • Multiplayer is coming, but it will probably be separate from singleplayer *
  • Multiplayer may be multiple people playing in the same world and cooperating on a big farm *
  • Divorce will “probably” be an option in a future update *
  • Mac and Linux ports are high on ConcernedApe’s priority list *
  • Console ports are very likely, and will likely be handled by someone else *
  • More endgame is definitely coming *

… and there we have it.

None of these mentions in the AMA thread are confirmed — anything is possible in development — but there is a good chance Ape will keep his word on a number of these features, especially more endgame items and buildings, divorce, and additional spousal options.

This latest patch brought more variety to married life via new dialogues and more improvements to marriage itself are to come. Who knows what’s going to come in the next patch?

It seems clear from the AMA that the next big content patch will be version 1.11, and at the time of writing we are on version 1.06.

It could be a little while until we see some (or all) of the features mentioned above added to Stardew Valley, but there’s no doubt much of the game’s shiny new content will be making its way to our Pelican Towns sometime within the year — hopefully before Summer.

There’s obviously a lot more to come from ConcernedApe, both in regard to Stardew Valley updates and future titles. The game has been in the top sellers and top played games on Steam since its release, there’s no way development is going to cease anytime soon. The hype train hasn’t pulled into station just yet!

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