MUD2MMO: The ‘Suggestion’ – Loopholes, Online Harassment, and the Law

When you tell me to go kill myself, oh yes, it's personal.
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A few weeks ago, while livestreaming, a player told me to kill myself. That got me thinking: legally speaking, what happened?

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So this week, we talk about it.

First of all, my apologies for posting the video like this.  YouTube is being difficult this week, and won’t let me embed the show as normal.  So I’m doing so through 

The YouTube version is here if you prefer it this way:


Livestream source:

Justin Pillault article:

Justin Carter article:

League of Legends video:

Wisconsin Legislature 947.013:

Minnesota Assisted Suicide laws:

William Melchert-Dinkel sentenced for encouraging suicides:

Man arrested for assaulting teen over CoD game:

World of Warcraft stabbing:

Death Sentence for online gamer:

James Swan chokes Mom over WoW:

Plague of game dev harassment:

“The Psychology of Cyberspace”:

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