Orioto transforms our favorite video game memories into dreamy, scenic art

Must-have Nintendo prints by artist Orioto

Orioto transforms our favorite video game memories into dreamy, scenic art
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Mikaël Aguirre, known as Orioto online, is an artist that revamps our favorite video game moments into beautiful art. He has a gallery on DeviantArt, Tumblr and also sells his prints on Redbubble. Orioto's collection is rooted to his favorite games. From Final Fantasy to The Legend of Zelda, his art depicts iconic moments in lush, dreamy ways.

Calling all Nintendo fanboys and fan girls. Orioto's nostalgic Nintendo collection is bound to flood in great memories for gamers. He captures and recreates these moments in a new light and art form. Check out his other prints on his DeviantArt page. Also, check his Redbubble porfolio for other prints he has on sale. Move quick though, sometimes his prints go out of stock rather quickly!

Pictured above is Sweet Jungle. All of the following prints are available for sale in many different sizes and forms. Prices will vary according to material and size. Enjoy!

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Master Sword

 Ah, the satisfying moment where you first lay your eyes on the Master Sword in the Lost Woods. Orioto revisited The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time with this nostalgic piece. He even included the spiritual stones fading into the background.

Lil Penguin Lost

Remember this little guy from Super Mario 64? This was the quest where players get to reunite the baby penguin with his momma. That being said, once he's back with her and the star appears, we best leave him alone. I sure hope Mario puts him down, or he's in for a chase. 

Jungle Lineage

What a throwback! Paying homage to 90s platformers with a sweet scene from Donkey Kong Country. Orioto altered the vibrant color scheme and added some realistic elements to the game's scenery. Look at how proud Donkey Kong looks as Diddy leaps from rope to rope.

Cerulean Secret

I'm sure you remember that moment you stepped into Cerulean Cave and laid your eyes on the legendary Mewtwo. Relive that rush once again with this epic piece. Orioto took the 2D elements of the Pokemon games and completely transformed this moment. It's just how any of us would have pictured coming across Mewtwo for the very first time--in our minds, that is. Now it's all painted out, before our eyes.

Lava Ballad

The anxiety that overcomes you as Mario rides the skull raft through this tricky level in Super Mario World is too real to ignore. Orioto transformed this 8-bit scene and brought it to life in a more vivid way, cartoon-like way. 

Flying Bully

Straight out of Super Mario World, a tentative Mario tries to knock off Iggy Koopa on this moving base in order to save a captured Yoshi. It's an interesting take on the existing level of the game. He added a background to what used to be a black abyss, which adds a much needed depth to the level that I didn't realize was missing, till now.

Little Garden

Bringing in the nostalgia with Pokemon, this happy little piece shows the innocence of adventure as these future trainers search for their little pocket monsters. I'm sure we've all done it, just picturing ourselves running out and about, on our own, searching for our very own Pokemon. 

Through the Night

Orioto showcases this SNES inspired piece in a new light, far from its 8-bit origin. A lonely Link stares at the the rainy, night sky, awaiting his adventure. This is one of the more gloomy pieces, and by gloomy, I mean it in the best way. It adds some sort of mystery to The Legend of Zelda.

Know of any other artists that pay homage to video games? Share it with me below!

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