My Experience With GameSkinny’s Journalist Training Program

Journalist Training Program, Yo!
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I first joined GameSkinny back in August of 2013. The Journalist Training Program didn’t exist yet, it was just the Survivor phase of the internship program.  I saw a listing on Reddit, applied and  whoop! I got in! 

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I joined up in the hopes of experience, something to fatten my resume with, perhaps a letter of reference? 

I started out with some experience writing, but has GameSkinny definitely helped to build on that. I’ve become far more familiarized with the world of internet newswriting, a stronger, more efficient linguist and wordsmith. 

The Journalist Training Program and GameSkinny itself are a great launchpad for aspiring writers. Staff editors provide regular and honest feedback with articles. The JTP provides an open, friendly, and  competive platform to network and interact with other aspiring  game journalists, industry professionals, and assorted awesome people. 

If you fit the following infographic, I’d recommend writing for GameSkinny.



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