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This internship became a totally random thing for me to try out, and it sounded like a great opportunity. After receiving an email from GuildLaunch, it had an article about this website; one of which I never heard of and caught my interest. It was and it so happens they were having an internship program–and I thought to myself “Hey, this seems like a cool thing to do.” Boy was I right, working for GameSkinny has become a great way to motivate myself in creating content for everyone to see and I am proud of what I create.

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I have never written anything for anyone, except in school, but nothing on this level–where my content was being seen by hundreds of people. Writing articles is fun to do and it also gave me so much more knowledge about video games I would never even consider playing. Being a gamer for at least 23 years, I have become somewhat knowledgeable about all of the games I have played and was able to write some reviews and tips.

Aside from writing articles daily, I have met some great people; all of which were from different countries. It was really nice because I was able to understand how they wrote in a country different from my own. All of us really got along, although not all of us were able to be online at the same time because of the time zones. However, one of my team members decided to make a spreadsheet and have all of us mark on it when we were online and available so we could setup meetings at particular times, it worked well.

So now we are at the end of the road here at GameSkinny, unless I am accepted into the Bastion Phase. It was one hell of a ride and I am grateful for it. My boss Katy was a phenomenal person, always being supportive and giving great advice on articles I wrote. She was always answering questions and had clear instructions on what needed to be done and is very friendly as well. So I would just like to thank Katy for giving me this opportunity and I hope she knows I did my best. Good luck to everyone moving on to the Bastion Phase I hope I see you there!

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