My Month as a GameSkinny Intern

How do I see the internships? Amazing, Inspiring, and Enjoyable.
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You probably have seen many of these. But I figured, I am the only one I believe who is going to have completed this who

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  1. Is in high school
  2. Is under 18
  3. Has this much time

Hi, I am Branden Sumerix. I am 17 years old and from Michigan. I am a rarity of the internship. In the beta phase no high schoolers stayed. I am the last of my kind when the next round of interns are required to be 18 or older. It is kind of sad to not have people be able to go back and see me and be like, “Hey! Branden! I am 17 as well! Can you give me some tips and tricks to help me out?” But, I am going to have to settle as the first person under 18 to finish. 

I am proud of the internship. My life has been flipped over as I met a group of guys I wish I could work with forever. I worked with Amazon Eliza Steele, Zach Long, Joe Morgan, and Andrew Mandula. Then one more person joined the team later and I was glad to have him. Jack Cable. It has been a fantastic time.

I want to give you next round of interns some tips.

  1. Get your articles in each day as early as possible.
  2. Try your best.
  3. Tag, give a header image, and fill in all of the bonus points.
  4. Review new, old, and the future.
  5. You are the future of gaming journalism. 
  6. Do 1 article a day every day and each on a different day, then choose a day to do 2 articles.
  7. Use buffer and spam the junk out of FaceBook and Twitter.

Those are just some basic tips that we used to get our view count up there. We never had a massive fanbase but we did almost always have over 90+ people view the article names on FaceBook.

Well, that is all I have for you for now. Thanks for reading! Also, have a good time, relax, get to know your team. Enjoy the internship!


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Branden Sumerix
I am 18, an avid console gamer and PC gamer. I have been writing for many years. I co-owned High-Def Gaming and the Techagen Entertainment Network. I now write on the side with working at a Wal-Mart.