My Most Amazing Gaming Moment

Becoming the One Paladin is a true gaming accomplishment of mine.
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Gaming can be the heart of my personal creativity. Over the past 12 years, I have played a variety of game campaigns from Dungeons and Dragons to Vampire the Masquerade. I have had a myriad of characters in these games. But there is one game that holds close in my memory.

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Becoming the One

I was playing a paladin in a 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign that my husband was running. The world we were in was one that he’d built solely on his own, from landscape and nations to deities. It was refreshing to find a new land that we hadn’t played the entire surface of yet. It was something completely new to experience.

There was one deity in the game that was named Jenna. She was the goddess of peace and healing. She had no paladins to her name, but of her own chosing. While we were going through the campaign fraught with various perils (including a black dragon), my character came across a broken blade. With the way I was playing my paladin, I sought the ways of peace and bring calm and healing to those around me.

With chaos pending upon the land, the deity Jenna felt she had need of a paladin. With her broken sword and my presence, she bestowed upon my character all the powers her chosen paladins were imbued with. I felt like it was a great accomplishment for my character. Little did I know how great such a duty would be.

The campaign continued on as we, the good guys, fought the good fight. With Jenna as my guide I did not falter. My character strove to bring peace and contentment to the lands. It was sort of a Lord of the Rings moment as the blade that had been broken was remade by the goddess herself.

What gaming moments do you remember most?

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