Nadia Sorel, Not So Smooth Operator

Bringing back tacticool.

Bringing back tacticool.
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Nadia Sorel worked for the separatists until she realized that there was more coin to be made selling her services as a terrorist for hire rather than doing it at a discount for what she believed to be a dying cause. Unfortunately the separatists were not the kind of people who would just let somebody walk away so Nadia staged her own death with what would seem like a freak grenade crafting accident to those who didn’t know better. After successfully smuggling herself out of Ebonhawke she dyed her hair, changed her name, and moved to Gendarran Fields where no one would recognize her. Just like that Nadia was able to get her dream job as a free lance terrorist and all was well.



Midnight Ice: The color of a hard working operator.

Iron: A nice subtle color for metal that isn’t particularly eye catching. Perfect for stealth operations.

Burnished Steel: For your tactical goggles.


Panasonic monocle: Goggles with one lense bigger than the other to assist with ranged assassinations.

Outlaw Shoulders: Basic shoulder protection, nothing special.

Leather Coat: Tactical coat with enough hidden pockets to hide plenty of back up weapons and snacks. Waterproof as well for those rainy day jobs.

Aurora Gloves: Large metal plated gloves able to withstand an acceptable degree of heat and cold. The metal plating makes them as almost effective for throwing as they are for punching.

Aurora Pants: Features tactical knee pads. You will not skin your knees.

Leather Boots: Fine steel toed boots. Not only are they perfect for kicking your enemies in the crotch, the soles are thick enough that you will not feel most sharp objects that you may step on.

Weapons: Nadia’s pride and joy, the Guild Sharp Shot (pictured up top)
Comes with a tactical bayontte for when your enemy gets too close.

Back up weapon: Sometimes A bayonette simply won’t do the job. For those situations there is the Guild Quick Shot.

Check that trigger discipline!

“What trigger?”



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