New Champion Vi Punches Through PBE

The new champion, Vi, hits things with a pair of pneumatic gauntlets. Hard.

The new champion, Vi, hits things with a pair of pneumatic gauntlets. Hard.
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So the new champion is up on the League of Legends PBE, but what does she actually do?

What Vi does

The simple answer is that she punches things.

The longer answer is that she punches things HARD.

Wielding a pair of steampunk gauntlets (possibly courtesy of Jayce?) she makes sure to get good use out of them, with every single ability she brings to the table involving punching her target in various ways.

Let’s just put one on each hand and call it a day, shall we?

Not pulling any punches

She has a dashing punch that can be charged for greater distance and damage at the cost of some movement speed during the charge, a passive that applies on every third auto-attack to deal lots of extra damage while reducing the target’s armor and increasing her own attack speed, and an auto-attack enhancement (like Nasus, Wukong, or Yorick’s q abilities) that deals extra damage to both the target of the attack and enemies behind that target.

Her ultimate is simple in its brutal elegance.  Vi charges forward towards her target, knocking aside everyone she runs into and doing partial damage to them, before uppercutting her target up into the air to leave them helpless for a short time.  And yes, it does hurt.  

A lot.

Look for her punching her way into League of Legends soon!

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