New mod brings Watch_Dogs to GTA V

A new GTA V hack by "JulioNIB" combines it with features from Ubisoft's Watch_Dogs.
This article is over 8 years old and may contain outdated information

A modder known as JulioNIB has created a new mod for Grand Theft Auto V inspired by Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs. According to JulioNIB’s page for the mod, it includes the following features:

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  • burst wall lamp bulbs
  • burst people phones
  • explode transformers (“energy boxes”, commonly on sideways)
  • explode hydrants
  • explode gas bombs
  • hack security cam (models on walls +one for each traffic light)
  • hack traffic lights (make drivers crash close to the front of the pole)
  • rise blocks on streets (one for each traffic light)
  • Hack ATM to:
    • bug the machine to release money and make people around try to pickup
    • explode (like the transformer hack)
  • Blackout (accessed via the weapon wheel [TAB], only available between 21 and 3 hours)
  • Hack cars to:
    • Lock, Unlock doors
    • Burst engine
    • Burnout (driver needed)
    • Accelerate (driver needed)
      You can perform those car hacks for all cars around using the weapon wheel [TAB]
  •  Hack trains to:
    • Stop
    • Return
    • Go
    • Derail
  •  Disrupt helicopters making them crash

 Other features:

  • custom walk style when holding one handed guns
  • witness feature, people will report player if they see you with a gun or causing trouble
  • custom HUD to show current weapon and “hack battery” amount
  • custom weapon wheel
  • victim damage indicator
  • player damage blood fx
  • police search area after witness report
  • controlled wanted level (cops only will go after you if a witness succeed calling cops + you stay in search area or if you mess up with cops)

JulioNIB included a note stating that this mod, like the rest of his Grand Theft Auto V mods, requires two plugins to work: ScripthookVDotNet and ScripthookV & ASI loader.

JulioNIB has also made a few updates to the mod to fix certain issues, including some bugs related to the weapon wheel, certain controller problems, and adding support for hotkeys, which are listed in the mod’s blog post.

This mod appears to be a follow-up to a similar one JulioNIB made for Grand Theft Auto IV though, of course, many of the features are different. Both mods are available for free to anyone who feels a mighty need to combine either Grand Theft Auto game with Watch-Dogs.

More details on the mod can be found here.

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