Think you've collected all the cats in-game? Now it's time to start taking a look at all the merch!

Next-Level Neko Atsume: Cute Stuff for Exceptional Kitty Collectors!

Think you've collected all the cats in-game? Now it's time to start taking a look at all the merch!
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So. Cute.

This is literally the first and only thing that you can possibly say the minute you start up Neko Atsume and find yourself face-to-face with a backyard full of cats. 

Fresh out of Japan, the cat game phenomenon has hit the western app market by storm (it's not hard when the app is free on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play Store) and the franchise didn't take very long to follow suit.

The Japanese market is known for pushing out as many cute things as it possibly can, and Neko Atsume is no exception. Combine that with the ingenuity of Etsy sellers around the world, and you've got a list of things any kitty collector would be proud of. Check out the following slides for some of our favorites at any budget!

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Kitty up your desk the right way with this set of Chinese Neko Atsume-inspired mini figures that comes with a little flower pot landscape and a wooden bench for your six cat figures (one of them is actually the gray and white pair pictured above) to lounge, hang, or nap on however you want to arrange them. 

You can find them here on eBay for $7.88 USD (and free shipping).

Once upon a time, I had a dream of being a Japanese wifey who could make any number of cute bentos for - let's face it, I was a teenager - my own adoring self. That dream died a quick death when I realized it meant getting up an hour earlier, and required laughably small portions of food (who has time to cut and wash an entire tomato, just to take exactly one slice out of it?)

The Neko Atsume cookbook promises dishes that are a lot more functional without sacrificing any of the cute. Do note that it is written entirely in Japanese without any English translation - but who knows if you'll find some neat ideas just by checking out the pictures?

You can find the book here on eBay for $27.99 USD and free shipping. 

Some people might grow out of stuffed animals... and to such people I say bah

This charming (and pretty huggable-sized) 13.4" Tubbs plushie is just the thing to take along with you when it comes down to the really hard choices in life - dessert, yes or yes?

An inspiration, truly.

You can find this messy eater here on Amazon for $11.20 USD and free shipping.

Nothing says appreciation like filling your kitchen with the things you love most. This charming little cup is plastered with all the cute, smiling kitty faces you may already know by heart. 

Those of you interested in getting one should note that this sturdy little thing is a cup, not a mug, so it may not be your go-to for early-morning coffee. It is also smaller than you may expect (check out the customer photos for a good comparison!).

You can find this here on Amazon for $4.13 USD (+$4.93 shipping). 

These animal anti-dust earphone jack plugs have been around for ages, but when have they been more appropriate than now in the height of the kitty craze?

Complete with Neko Atsume x cat butts, these charming little critters can keep all your handheld electronics company wherever you go - and they can take the wear and tear of daily use and pocket scratches too. Don't forget that most of us have more than just our phones - there's our 3DS, tablet, and laptop too!

You can find this set of four here on Amazon for $6.14 USD and free shipping. (Unfortunately unavailable for those of us outside of the US.)

Now here's a set you may have to break up and share amongst your friends!

Featuring some of the rarer cats in the game, these 13 different phone charms (attachable either by cord or by earphone plug) from China only seem to come in a set. They're sturdy little things made of rubber, so they're much easier to clean and keep clean too. No smudges on these cat faces!

You can find them here on eBay for $27.99 USD (+$4.99 shipping). 

If you can't be separated from these happy cat faces for even a single second, check out one of these Chinese Neko Atsume-inspired kitty shoulder bags (with a little tail charm!) 

They measure about 10" so you should have a fair amount of space for all the usual purse goodies you need to keep at your side. 

You can find them here for $11.79 USD (+$4.99 shipping) each on eBay.

Similar to the other rubber animal coin purses that have filtered stateside from China, this particular variant is a nod once again at our favorite tubby white kitty. 

This cute little guy measure 4x3x1" and is no slouch when it comes to carry capacity.

You can find it here on eBay for $12.99 USD and free shipping.

Can you think of a more satisfied-looking animal than this little kitty right here? 

This little Tubbs pendant measures 20x9mm which is perfect for stringing on a necklace, although perhaps a little too big to attach to a bracelet.

Note that while the listing states that it's made of silver, this is probably in reference to the color and not the material itself. Those with metal allergies should be wary, although if you string it on your own chain (since it doesn't come included), it shouldn't cause much irritation. 

You can find it here on eBay for $19.99 USD (and free shipping). 

I have a weakness for tiny things (Re-ment owned my soul for a very, very long time) and these Neko Atsume mini-figs are no exception.

The set pictured above is the official Bandai release, which I believe you need to purchase separately and come in blind boxes with a little stand-up set and sheet of stickers. The set I've linked is a Chinese knock off version but with all figures included. 

You can find this here on eBay for $34.99 USD (+$2.99 shipping). Unfortunately, I couldn't find a store link for the official set that wasn't already sold out, but will update if I do. 

Fleece hats!

I love wearing weird things on my head and winters up here in the Great North can get pretty chilly. 

Though Google promises me that Spring is really here, we've just finished weathering a bout of snow and freezing rain and I haven't quite felt the need to put away my mittens just yet. Those of you in the northern parts of the US are probably feeling a similar need to stay bundled up - and what better way than with a hat that'll keep others smiling at the same time?

You can check out this cozy little thing (and other Neko Atsume cat variants) here on Etsy for $20 USD (shipping varies). 

There's nothing so personal as the prime retail space on your laptop and what you choose to clutter it up with. What better way than with a cute decal?

Keep it simple with a single large cat on the cover (like Peaches shown above) for $3-4 USD (shipping varies) here from Etsy seller RosieTorchez.

Or if you want to go all out, check out this 10-piece set of vinyl decals here from Etsy seller LeTanuki for $4.36-7.23 USD (shipping varies). 

All cute things are better in cubes. This is perhaps not proven by science, but it certainly feels that way from practice. And now you can get any cat (you'll have to message the seller if you really want one of the rares) from Neko Atsume handmade to plush, cube-y perfection.

These toys measure 6x6x6" and you can customize it with your own cat variant if you want to as well. Note that since they are handmade, they will take 2-3 weeks for the seller to make even before they start shipping. Plan ahead if you want to make one of these a gift!

You can find them here for $30-40 USD (shipping varies) each from Etsy seller Arrupako. 

More pillows!

This time looking much more cat-shaped, these handmade fleece pillows are 12x8" and you have a choice of which Neko Atsume cat you want to grace your sofa arm. Or, if you've already got a feline staking out its claim over there, you can also choose to customize it to be just like your own cat so long as you provide a reference picture. 

Note that the wait time for making and shipping these pillows can take up to 5 weeks. 

You can find them here from Etsy seller ClarusCrafts for $40 USD (shipping varies). 

Doll it up with these cute-as-a-button hair bows for a day in the sun. While I highly wish this adorable print came in a skirt or a dress, I'd settle for taming my inner six-year-old with a set of these pinning my hair back.

You can find them here from Etsy seller dexlarprice for $3 USD each (shipping varies). 

These tiny little needle felted cats can be customized how you like it, and in one of three different poses. 

They're not very big (depending on the pose, they measure between 8-10 cm) but they are super cute and the seller is excellent at paying attention to detail. 

You can get one here from Etsy seller ClawsandFangs for $18.89 USD (shipping varies) each. 

Neko Atsume has made cat butts cute again.

Where before we were pretending they didn't exist or contemplating the existence of the Twinkle Tush (you don't have to click the link, it literally is a jewel that hangs down and hides your cat's butt from view), you can now laugh at the sight of the wiggling little x as your animated cats rummage their way through cardboard boxes. 

Celebrate this with this adorable earring set that looks like it combines cat games with a Portal gun.

You can find it here from Etsy seller InBetweenStars for $7.50 (shipping varies) a pair. 

These versatile little guys are at once phone charms (that hang from the headphone jack) but can also double a screen cleaner for smudges!  

You have a choice of the five cats shown:

  • Sunny (Tobimike-san)
  • Pepper (Odd-san)
  • Pickles (Shirosaba-san)
  • Peaches (Cream-san)
  • Tubbs (Manzoku-san)

They sell for $6.99 USD (shipping varies) here from OtakuMode. 

If phone charms aren't enough, jazz up your phone itself with a cute case and a kitty print. You have the choice of going for a print like the one pictured above, or even simpler with a single cat lounging away at the bottom. 

Currently it looks like these cases are only being offered for iPhones, iPads, and Samsung devices (check to see if yours made the list!). 

You can find them here from Etsy seller RealDesignRocks for $10.95+ (shipping varies). You'll have to browse through the other listings for different designs. 

If you want to keep your obsession as subtle as you can, check out this Neko Atsume-inspired pincushion, styled just like one of the cushions you can purchase for your favorite cartoon cats. 

It's made from fleece and measures about 3 inches across and you can find it here from Etsy seller ButterscotchBiscuit for $5 USD.

Alternatively, you can also buy it as a bed for a small pet for $28 USD!

Keep your keys company with this cute laser-cut acrylic keychain featuring an original design of Peaches on a sheep cushion which measures 1.2x1.5". 

You can find it here from Etsy seller poffe for $6.50 (shipping varies). 

Everybody loves stickers, and these are designed to work to fancy up your journals or to personalize your luggage. These waterproof stickers come with about 40 per pack and measure between 2-4 cm. 

You can find them here from Etsy seller LookFantastic4U for $8 USD (shipping varies). 

Who doesn't love more things to hug? 

This 10" handmade plushie is made of felt and can be customized to any Neko Atsume cat and ball color you want. Note that it will take 1-2 weeks in order for the seller to make it. 

You can check it out here from Etsy seller Rabetto for $46.50 USD (shipping varies).


With eight different styles to choose from, these cute little critters can be made into either magnets or pin-back buttons to dress up either your fridge or your backpack.

They're a little pricier than other pins on the Etsy market, but they're also a lot more interesting. You can find them here for $1.80 USD (pin) and $2.30 USD (magnet) (shipping varies) from Etsy seller BlackCatsButtons. 

Snowball is the first cat that visits your yard in Neko Atsume - and as such holds a rather special place in my heart. Especially when you stick them in a planter to be strung on a zipper of a backpack, jacket, or journal. 

You can find it here from Etsy seller dazedcrafter for $10.50 (shipping varies). 

Worlds collide in this cute T-shirt that proves the TARDIS really is bigger on the inside... even if it's made out of cardboard. 

You can find it here from Etsy seller SuperCuteAwesomeStuf for $21.80+ USD (shipping varies). 

At the risk of wearing too much of a good thing, check out these adorable leggings featuring Snowball and a ball of yarn. 

You can find them here on Redbubble for $59 USD. 

If the cup was too tiny for your taste, check out this adorable water bottle with a twist cap and a sleeve.

I lost the original Amazon marketplace link, but you can find it here on carousell for $17.50 USD. 

Now if any of the other cute things have you mourning your own lack of creativity, try these cross-stitch patterns on for size! You can download them instantly and the block colors make them super easy for beginners. 

I personally like these ones from AllerzFishOutOfWater which you can get for $3.50 USD each. 

That's it!

Just remember, you may think it ends when you've collected every last photo, and been given every last momento but it never does. It never does.

And neither will the cute merchandise. You're always going to keep finding more. But you're still going to love it when you do.

(see also The Science Behind Why Neko Atsume Is So Addictive)

Happy collecting!

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