NieR Cosplays Yoko Taro Would Be Proud Of

Check out these NieR Cosplays that we are sure Yoko Taro would be proud of.

Set to release February 23rd, NieR Automata is technically the fourth installment of the Square Enix game series, as it succeeds NieR, NieR Gestalt, and NieR RePlicant.

Series creator Taro Yoko had headed The Drakengard spin-off  production that started back in 2014 with a desire to make a game that returned NieR to the original spirit that the game started off with, as well as improving gameplay.

Well, Taro Yoko and crew aren't the only one's who are interested in capturing the true spirit of the game, as true spirit is one of the creeds of cosplayers -- especially those who choose to take on the Square Enix title.

From the original to the soon to be released Automata, check out these amazing cosplays that Yoko would certainly be proud of.


Cosplayer: HiddenRozel

Amazingly talented cosplayer HiddenRozel dons a cosplay of an early version of one of our favourite companions, Emil. The look is from the first game where we meet Emil who is wearing a blindfold to keep from turning anyone who looks him in the face to stone. The cosplay is dead on and we have to add kudos to the addition of Grimoire who is just barely seen in the bottom left.

YoRHa No. 2 Type B aka 2B

Cosplayer: Disharmonica

Despite this cosplayer's name, there is no disharmony in this beautiful cosplay. Disharmonica dons the look of one of Automata's three protagonists, YoRHa No. 2 Type B, also known simply as 2B. Even as a human, Disharmanica managed to give us battle android realness in this cold yet colorful composition that looks like it could be straight out of a live action NieR trailer.


Cosplayer: Inushio

While we are used to a middle aged NieR from the original title, this cosplayer decided to take on the teenage version from RepliCant and it is spot on. From the printed lace up arm coverings to the fur trimmings, this cosplay is just perfect. And let's not forget the hair which can really make or break a look, but Inushio delivered and then some in this epic capture.


Cosplayer: Havenaims

While Emil started off our list of favourite cosplays, he makes another feature but this time in his weapon form. Cosplayer Havenaims created this replica oversize Emil skeletal head through the use of carving styrofoam and had she not given away her secret, many of us may have thought it was actual bone! Definitely one of the best Weapon Emil's out there. 


Cosplayer: melvinopolis

One thing that is to love about RPG games such as NieR is the fact they often allow for costume changes through unlockables and we think it is safe to say that melvinopolis managed to unlock the kabuki version of Kaine. A striking difference from the white haired and baby doll dress wearing Kaine, this version and cosplay is absolutely beautiful. 


Cosplayer: vega147

From teenage NieR to the NieR we all know very well, this killer cosplay is brought to you by one super talented male cosplayer. Vega147 has cosplayed a list of male videogame favourites such as Prince of Persia, Jecht and you guessed it, Vega. To see those cosplays as well as more of his NieR, be sure to check out his page.


Cosplayer: 0kasane0

While we admit that we love the kabuki version of Kaine, there is just nothing like the original, and the lovely 0kasane0 reminds us how true that is. Everything about this cosplay and picture captures Kaine's cold and cruel disposition perfectly. From her pose to the cool colors and dark setup, this is Kaine through and through. 


Coslpayers: yoru0704 (right) and Shino (left)

This stellar cosplay comes from NieR RepliCant as Yoru and Shino dress up as both younger versions of NieR that appear before and after the game's time skip. It's absolutely amazing to see two breath taking cosplays side by side but it's even better that they are of the same character. We're not sure if Yoru and Shino are related but they are splitting images of each other which makes this cosplay such a success.

We have to admit, these amazing cosplays have made us just a bit nostalgic for the NieR games and if you never played them, hopefully they made you that much more interested in picking up a copy this week.

We are certainly looking forward to see what Yoko Taro and his team have come up with this time around. What about you?