No Man’s Sky: How to Get Star Bulbs

Feel like the star with our guide to finding Star Bulbs in No Man's Sky.

Feel like the star with our guide to finding Star Bulbs in No Man's Sky.

No Man’s Sky has a seemingly has an endless well of resources for players to craft with, but some of those resources can be pretty touch to find. And the recent Atlas Rises update has added tons of new materials that players can collect — including Star Bulbs. 

This beautiful item is naturally located on lush planets. These planets are usually hotter in temperature than others. If you need Star Bulbs for yourself, you can only obtain them in two ways — mining them from the environment or farming them.

How to Mine Star Bulbs in No Man’s Sky

Star bulbs can only be harvested from Star Bramble. The good thing is that Star Bramble grows wild in its natural habit. So you’ll find these plants growing like weeds on lush planets.

How to Farm Star Bulbs in No Man’s Sky

If you don’t want to spend all your time hunting down Star Bulbs and mining them, you can also farm Star Bramble to have a more reliable supply of this resource at your disposal (with the help of an NPC).

Once you build agricultural terminals, you can hire a farmer to tend to a Star Bramble crop. A farmer can grow Star Bramble in 30 minutes of real-world time. Then you can harvest it for Star Bulbs just like you would out in the wild, but from the comfort of your own home base. 

If you land on a planet that’s tropical and lush, then chances are you’ve found yourself a Star Bulb gold mine. You can search for them in the wild and or set up shop to have them farmed painlessly. Enjoy the tropics as you collect those stars!

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