On the Road to Honor: Classes and Factions in For Honor

Carve out your legacy with these three legendary factions.

It seems only right that a game that many gamer's will be enjoying a long and steady love affair with officially releases on Valentines Day.

For Honor is Ubisoft's latest title and when the developer just so happens to be Ubisoft Montreal, you didn't have to play the early access to know that this game will certainly be a treat.

Three historical factions go head to head in all out warfare, to find out who truly is the best and deserving of the true title of honor.

Vikings, Knights and The Samurai are your factions of choice and each is unique in their own right from history, skill and classes. Keep reading to find out about each faction and their classes before embarking on your road to honor.

Faction: Vikings

When one thinks of Vikings, honor usually isn't the word that comes to mind instead we think of ruthless conquerors and rightly so.

Vikings are the people of the North and undisputed masters of the sea thanks to their long boats and dragon-headed ships. These Nordic seafarers are kings of raid and trade, and very well may become king out of these three factions.

If you only know one thing about the Vikings, know that their only goal in life is to reach Valhalla and feast with the gods and if they achieve honor on the way, so be it.

Viking Classes


Style: Short range

Essentially, the Berserker is the Viking Kamikaze. When it comes to clearing out the field and taking down enemies in close range, the Berserker delivers and then some. This dual axe wielding assassin is a beast on the field possessing the true Viking spirit of no fear, just war. Double the weapon, double the trouble as the Berserker is not only fast but, relentless in his harassing fighting style that lends to infinite and multiple chain attacks.

If you find yourself often hiding behind a shield, the Berserker isn't for you as his only shield is his skin.


Style: Disabling Melee

Vikings are known for their raids and as a Raider, these guys are at the head of every battle. Brandishing a two handed axe and covered in tattoos of their former victories, the Raider is relentless with high damaging attacks that can disable any foe through stuns and throws.

If that isn't threatening enough, this archetype warrior can dish out unblockable attacks that can dispatch enemy ranks quickly.


Style: Short Range Attacker

Warlords are tried and true Vikings who can be found leading the charge as well as protecting their vulnerable kin. Armed with shield and sword they are perfect for countering incoming attacks as they specialize in defensive properties for both light and heavy attacks.

True, the Warlord is the slowest of the group but, slow and steady wins the race and where they fail in pace they make up for in strength.


Style: Far Range and Complex

The Vikings believed that both men and women had the ability to fight if they so chose to which leads us to the Valkyrie, the only female role within the game. These shieldmaidens have been chosen by the gods and have mercy on you should you encounter these complex maidens.

Steady with a shield and spear, the Valkyrie are excellent scouts and trackers who much like the Warlord fights for those who can't through versatile combos that keep the enemy at bay.

Faction: Knights

Knights are the most romanticized warrior of all time. From King Arthur to Sir Lancelot, the knight is the medieval hero and perhaps a favourite, but this isn't the Canterbury Tales. This is much more.

Once at odds but now led by Apollyon, petty warlords and mercenaries have come together under one banner with a common goal; protect the contested land from the invading Vikings of the North and The Samurai of the East.

While they have been successful thus far, For Honor brings the ultimate war and the Knights will be put to the ultimate test of defending Ashfeld and remaining undefeated.

Knight Classes

The Peacekeepers

Style: Short Range

Essentially, this is the ninja of the Knight's. Short range abilities are paired with high mobility and counter attack abilities, the Peacekeeper is a natural assassin.

To stay light on their feet, this Knight only needs a dagger which can do a lot of damage that can both cancel and confirm attacks into Bleed Damage.

The Wardens

Style: Adaptable

A natural gatekeeper, the Warden is best of both worlds when it comes to the order of the Knight's as he possess both offensive and defensive abilities through the use of a two handed longsword.

Given their adaptability on the battlefield, the Warden is a great choice for any kind of player especially with their straight forward strategy.

The Conquerors 

Style: High Defense-Melee

So aptly named, the Conquerors are former prisoners who have conquered their chains and have risen through the ranks to become heavily armored and respected fighters.

Dressed in heavy armor and equipped with a massive flail, the Conqueror has the ability to go on an attack that kills an enemy's stamina and leaves them vulnerable. However, should they find themselves on the other side of attack, these massive brutes will fair fine enough with an highly effective defensive mode and standard blocks that destabilize opponents.

The Lawbringers

Style: Counter Attacker

When the law comes, it is best that you are a law abiding citizen. Being that a mix of a Heavy and Vanguard Hero, the Lawbringers are not only strong but can be a serious difficulty if ever you come up against one while playing.

Wielding a double handed axe with pike, these Knights dispense punishment on their foes which means, where there is injustice they will be sure to seek it out and make it right.

Faction: The Samurai

A number of movies have been made representing the ancient and skilled Samurai who hail from the Land of the Rising Sun. These Japanese warriors are the epitome of martial skill and discipline; both abilities that give them the edge over the Knights and Vikings.

The Samurai were trained officers in military tactics and grand strategy associated with a clan and lord. While they only made up close to 10% of Japan's population, by no means does quantity overtake quality.

Honor and nobility is synonymous with the Samurai name which could mean a decisive victory for Japan's noble warrior class.

The Samurai Classes


Style: Short and Long Range

While there are no ninjas to be seen in The Samurai faction, the Orochi is the next best thing as he known as the Imperial Assassin of the Samurai.

Equipped with the Samurai's darker secrets in death dealing, the Orochi can quickly dispatch of enemies at a distance with throwing daggers and poisoned blades. However, his weapon of choice is the katana.


Style: Ranged Melee

Samurai are often referred to as the Bushi and the Kensei are the living incarnation of the Bushido. These ways are of the purest form of the Samurai which means this warrior is highly skilled.

Dressed in a red sinister Oni mask and heavy armor, the Kensei wield a long katana that can deal some serious and effective damage through unprecedented chain attacks.

As a master of many skills, the Kensei is a perfect choice for any player.


Style: Hard Disabling Hitter

While the Knight's have the Conqueror and the Vikings have the Raider, the Samurai have the Shugoki and he's massive. This Japanese tank is all about crowd control and he does it very well.

Although he may be slow and cumbersome in both movement and attack, the Shugoki makes it up with his ability to take damage as well as deal some damaging blows with his spiked kanabo.


Style: Long Range

The Nobushi may be the lightest armored warrior within the Samurai class and maybe in the entire game but, don't let that deter you. She is as dangerous as the Viking's Valkyrie and a master of zone control..

Fast revival and support perks make the Nobushi a threat to even the strongest of opponents.

"Honor is simply the morality of men." H.L. Mencken

So, who will you pledge your undying allegiance to come February 14th?

Will you draw your sword from a legendary stone and take your rightful place as king of the battlefield? Maybe you will blow your battle horn and pillage the field for the coveted title? Or perhaps you will don the mask of ancient Oni and flex your martial skill and cunning?

No matter what faction you choose, know it is for honor. So, go forth, climb the ranks, conquer and plant your flag as the ultimate victor.