One of the Most Exciting Xbox One Exclusives Wasn’t Even A AAA Game

Armature's Recore may be one of the most interesting games to come to Xbox One.

There were a lot of awesome announcements for Xbox One, but one of the most notable games was barely given a glimpse during the press conference. Kenji Inafune and Amarture announced their indie exclusive Recore, and if you are wondering what that game even is, you wouldn’t be alone. The Xbox One game got little more than a trailer, but the prospects of the gameplay promised are extremely exciting.

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Recore will apparently take place in a dynamic, shifting desert landscape set far in the future when humanity is on the brink of extinction. Rather than be a depressing story, Recore instead feels almost more like a slightly more serious Wall-E, with a heavy emphasis on adorable and powerful AI robot companions. You apparently play a young survivor girl, who is skilled at manipulating machinery and influencing these robots.

The central mechanic for which the game is named after is how all the machines are based around balls that hold their AI and power their bodies. So, during the (included above) trailer, we see a tiny dog robot sacrifice its body, but then have its core put into a new machine. It feels almost like a mix of The Last Guardian and Rogue Trooper, in this respect.

You won’t be limited to a single machine though. At the end of the trailer, we see the protagonist flanked by several robots of varying builds. Enemy robots also seem to have a great deal of variety, with a giant, Shadow of the Colossus-style boss monster hinted at right before the trailer ends. Perhaps there’s a chance we could put a friendly core inside a machine so large?

There are no story details revealed as of yet, but already the game has made an impressive first impression. This is a game to keep your eye on, especially if you have an Xbox One.

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