Online Tournaments vs LAN Tournaments

Comparing competitive eSports tournaments on two distinct battlefields. Which side do you support?
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Competitive eSports tournaments are traditionally fought on two distinct battlefields. The internet and local area network (LAN) tournaments each have their differing advantages, leading players to love each of them in their own right.

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Online tournaments bring their own unique advantages to the scene. Their low operation cost means they can be run frequently, giving players more time behind the controller during the tournament. Since they are affordable, companies can charge less for registration. Online tournaments are certainly the most accessible way to compete against other players and prove yourself on a bigger stage.

LAN provides a tangible experience.

On the other hand, LAN tournaments provide players with an experience that is unforgettable. Although they can be considerably more expensive to host, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a crowd cheering you on in the heat of the moment.

I recently spoke with Thomas “Domey” Loffredo, the two-time champion of the Halo FFA at the Iron Games live events. He gave me some opinions on the live experience:

“In the final minutes of the FFA finals in Atlanta, I was making a massive comeback and I could hear the crowd cheering every time I got a kill, and going crazy when I got a multi-kill. It was one of the coolest feelings I’ve ever had. It was also just awesome hanging around with all of my friends I’ve met online. The atmosphere at the venue was awesome, and I can’t wait to attend more events in the future.”

There are clear advantages to either method of tournaments, yet it seems to be a combination of the two that is the most advantageous. Players can compete regularly online, honing their skills and picking up prizes and accolades along the way. When the time rolls around, they can attend LAN events, meet their online friends, and participate in the live experience.

Combining these two necessary platforms will help keep the eSports community alive. Here at Iron Gaming, that is exactly what we strive to do.

You can find Domey on Twitter at @cE_Domey, Twitch at DomeRocked, and on Youtube at DomeRockedHD.

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Article written by Cameron Rogers.

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