Only in Mobile: 5 Crazy Games We Can’t Believe Are Real

A list of 5 crazy games available to play that we can't believe are real.
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Many of us have come across some crazy games throughout our lives. Now with the added ability to play games on almost any electronic device, especially mobiles, the number of odd, strange and ridiculous games is on the rise thanks to Indie game developers.

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Here’s a list of 5 crazy games that we can’t believe are actually real.

Wimp: Ultimate by Flexile Studios

This game tells the story of Wimp, a blob that has vivid dreams. In one particular dream, he has dreamt that his pants are stolen and now must journey through this unique world to find the thief. Every level is a detailed environment full of fun, challenges and tricky puzzles. A puzzle-platformer with tons a challenging puzzles, different character mechanics including:

  • air-control
  • wall-jumps
  • double jumps
  • sticking to surfaces
  • teleportation and much, much more.

Little Skin Doctor by

In Little Skin Doctor, you are a skin doctor maintaining the skin of various characters. Your responsibilities are to help prevent pimples, remove pimples and do beauty treatments.

Happy Poo Flap by Retro Dreamer

Happy Poo Flap is an adventure game about a piece of poop… yes, poop, that flies like a bird. You fly the character through obstacles avoiding hazards. Use coins collected on your journeys to buy new characters and outfits.

Beat The Boss 2 by Game Hive Corporation

Do you ever imagine beating up that annoying, tyrannical boss of yours? Well now you can in Beat The Boss 2. Granted with the power of vengeance, you have an arsenal of weapons, magical forces, lethal guns, deadly blades, and other oddities to beat the hell out of him.

Turd Birds by 2K Games, Inc.

Another game with poop as a theme, we have 2K’s Turd Birds. A game where you are a bird flying around finding targets to poop on. Fly to beaches, construction sites, and city parks with targets like lifeguards, Grannies and Facebook friends. Be on the lookout for helicopters, UFOs and toxic waste while in the sky. Grab power-ups, mystery boxes and collect feathers and coins.

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