Want to know the differences between Overwatch and Battleborn? Then check out my thoughts and experiences with both games!

Overwatch vs Battleborn: Different Styles for Different Gamers

Want to know the differences between Overwatch and Battleborn? Then check out my thoughts and experiences with both games!

Overwatch and Battleborn have been compared since both games were first shown. It is true that both are arena shooters that feature unique characters that each have their own weapon and abilities. It is true that both games offer multiplayer modes that involve completing objectives. That’s where the similarities end.

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Yes, they look similar on the surface and when you see their marketing, but there are some key differences that you notice after going back and forth between playing them both.

Game Modes


Overwatch has 3 different game modes, payload, king of the hill, and capture. Your objective changes depending on whether you are on the attacking or defending team.

The modes are set by the maps and are not something you can choose to search for when playing games. Each one is objective based, but they all require you to stand or travel to a certain area.

You can also play multiples of the same character and switch out as many times as you want during a match.


Battleborn has 3 different game modes as well, capture, incursion, and meltdown. These game modes, besides capture, require more than just going to a point or escorting something.

Like Overwatch, the maps are tied to the game mode. The difference in Battleborn is that you select which game mode you want to play and you don’t in Overwatch.

Games tend to take much longer in Battleborn, and the Time to Kill (TTK) is equally longer than in Overwatch.

You cannot switch out your character during the match, nor pick more than 1 of the same character per team.

Battleborn also has a story mode with multiple difficulties to choose from. Your progress on your character in story also carries over to the versus modes.

Characters and Customization


Overwatch Widowmaker

Each character is unique with their own set of weapons and abilities. Their voice lines in the game are more suited to catchphrases and memorable quotes. You don’t change how their skills work or gear in anyway, but you can equip different skins that change the way the character looks. Some are simple recolors. Each character is also divided into 1 of 4 categories, such as offense or support.


All the characters are unique like in Overwatch, but they have that Borderlands humor that Gearbox is so well known for. There is plenty of good dialogue between the characters, and some of my favorite voice actors voice some characters, but they aren’t the 1-liners you hear in Overwatch.

In my opinion, the quotes in Overwatch are more memorable and people are more likely to say them over some of the Battleborn ones. This doesn’t necessarily mean they are better, just different.

The skins in Battleborn are only different colored versions, so when it comes to looks, Overwatch has more. You also have to unlock many characters in Battleborn, but you start with everyone unlocked on Overwatch.

Battleborn, however, has a Helix skill system that lets you modify your skills. You also level up during each match, up to level 10, to access these and it resets every match. You choose between 2 options each level. Each character also has 5 different mutations that gives them 3 choices instead of 2 for certain levels.

There are Gear loadouts as well that you can equip that gives your character extra benefits. When it comes to character customization, Battleborn has more when it comes to playing your character, just not how they look.

Gameplay and TTK (Time To Kill)


Matches are faster in Overwatch and take less time to find from my experience. This game focuses solely on the pvp experience and is more closely related to an arena shooter–but with specific characters and classes. The time to kill (TTK) is usually fast depending on the character you play. You will die often and the respawn times aren’t that long. 


Matches usually take longer, especially if you play Incursion or Meltdown. This game focuses on mixing elements from multiple genres and the versus modes have a pve/pvp mix. This is more closely related to a MOBA such as League of Legends.

You can gain shards while in the game and use these to activate gear in your loadouts, build and upgrade things such as turrets, or summon stronger minions to help your team out.

Battleborn game modes

The main focus is usually assisting minions and taking care of the objectives rather than killing enemy players.

Its FPS gameplay is very similar to Borderlands and has a longer TTK as a result.



Overwatch is $40 unless you get the Origins edition for $60. It is important to note that the Origins edition is the only one available for consoles. There are currently no micro-transactions, and all future content is going to be free for the time being.


Battleborn is $60 with the option to get a season pass for $20. All new heroes, game modes, and maps will be free. The season pass gives players new story mode content and the ability to instantly unlock the new heroes. There are currently no micro-transactions for this game besides the story mode content that will come later.

The Result?

These are very different games, and it isn’t clear until you see or play both of them. There is much more customization and general options in Battleborn and the game plays more like a MOBA in FPS form.

Overwatch is a faster paced, more pvp focused game that is much more beginner and casual friendly.

These game are not, I repeat are NOT similar other than the fact that they are shooters with specialized hero characters. They have very different styles and could appeal to different types of gamers.

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